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Sunday, May 15, 2016

Road Trip!

Later this morning I’m heading over to the rental car joint to pick up some big QE2 of a thing.


The Amazing Bob said he’d only make the long drive up to Hoosick Falls again in a mondo fat living room on wheels. You see, as wonderful as Bix is (and he most def is a magnificent beastie!), the ride’s just WAY too rough for our TAB. Smarts are notorious for that shit actually.  I get in the general neighborhood of 42-45 miles per gallon – more or less (mostly more).  So yeah, I can drive to Hoosick Falls and home (378 miles, just FYI) on one tiny tank. Awesome BUT I really want TAB to go with me this time.

 Why now? Monday’s an open house at Madison and Juliana’s school and us geezer types were specifically invited. Damn – how cool is that? (hint – very!)

So then, a QE2 on wheels has been reserved. Boom! Done!

We’ll only be gone, away from our precious kittens, until tomorrow evening but we worry. They’ll get lonely! They won’t get enough treats! Who will pat them! Well, Jen and Oni will be here – there’ll be no shortage of Fancy Feast and Whisker Lickin's. As for pats, well, that’s up to our furry overlords. I expect our boy, the absolute second he hears the door open and knows it’s not TAB or I, will zoom into the deep recesses of his closet kingdom. Somehow he ALWAYS knows precisely who’s at the door. Coco? While she’s getting to be less of a social butterfly, this is JEN we’re talkin’ about. C'mon, she'll be all over her like journos on Kardashians.

They'll be fine, they'll be fine AND they'll get tuna when we get home tomorrow night. Spoiled? Gee, ya think?
Coco and Gryphon
Our big footed boy

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