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Monday, May 16, 2016


Jim Wright, the fab political writer and woodworker, issued an Airlock Warning on his Facebook page. A snippet here:
I don't care if you agree. I care how you disagree and if you can't disagree with me without resorting to Hillary (or Bernie) Bashing Assholery, you're going out the door.

I'm not what you'd call a huge enthusiastic Hillary Clinton fan, but I have exactly zero tolerance for the "Hillary's a right wing Nazi who will destroy America!" If that's you, if you use Hillary and Right Wing in the same sentence, either keep it in check on my page or take it to over to Red State. If you do it here, you're going out the airlock.
Yes, yes and THIS! I’m not a political blogger (oh sure, there's the occasional rant but, really, not so much) so I don’t come in for anywhere near the amount of flying poo as Mister Wright. Thank Bast – I sure as fuck don’t have the, absolutely necessary, thick skin.

I posted a balanced, molto reasonable LA Times editorial on my Facebook page and got some shit flinger dropping a flaming sack of SHE LIES on my comment doorstep.

Really? Truly, this is the best you can do? This is your idea of discussion? This is how you go about growing your revolution, gaining converts to your cause? Sorry babe but, FAIL alert!!

If you can’t give me verifiable facts, if you’re just wallowing in refried right wing talking smears, I’ve no interest in engagement.  Really though, it was obvs she wasn't looking to engage. I can just imagine her smugly typing her stale slam, thinking she's scored a big point for the Bernie Purity Brigades.

Clearly not someone I need to know. Not mature, evolved or intelligent enough to get on this ride.

Airlock time.

Jim has a brill post up at American News X, You Don’t Owe Any Politician Anything — Dogma, Labels, Fanaticism And How Real Progress Happens  
My point here is that Bernie is a politician. He’s been a politician for 30 years. He wants to run the country. He’s making a lot of promises that sound pretty good. I want to know how he’s going to do it. “Feel the Bern!” isn’t an answer.

Calling Hillary Clinton a right wing nazi isn’t the answer. And if you can’t explain why you support him in detail without getting pissed off and lighting shit on fire, then frankly I don’t think you really know why you support him. And dogmatism, as previously noted, irritates me.
Yup, I’m in complete agreement. Go read the whole piece. It’s not long and well worth it.

There’s a follow up to this too. Apparently he got state fair Porta-Potty loads of flaming feces in the comments section of that first column. Thus proving that the Tea Party doesn’t own the corner on idiocy, incompetence and social skill FAIL. Shocked? Me? Meh, not so much.
Jim Wright: Extremism Is Extremism, Period.

I guess the point of today’s post is that I’ve got an itchy airlock-finger – much more than Mister Wright. Life’s too short for me to bother with fanatics whether they’re from the Left or the Right.

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