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Thursday, June 30, 2016

General Observations

1) The ER team who brought my TAB back to life on Monday afternoon looked like the cast of an expensively produced TV show. The crowd working on my man was many hued, genders equally represented AND there was a guy in a wheelchair. Yeah, he wasn’t the one on top TAB, pumping away, reanimating my better half, no. He was, however, on the team.


2) The crew of docs and nurses on the Ellison 9 Cardio ICU are all, ALL, beautiful. Intimidating is what this is. Also pretty awesome. I mean, as long as we’re in a life and death battle, we may as well have eye candy. Amirite or amirite?

3) The rather large team of medics doing rounds in the ICU all have laptops on tall carts attached to the front of them. They look like some space-age type herd of great mechanized mammal. Attractive ones…but I mentioned that already.

4) Seeing my man confused and in pain is hard – triple plus hard. At one point, in order to distract him, I said when I get you home, we're gonna sit, watch the game and eat nothing but...I then listed all his fave snack foods. It worked. Having Klondike bars, lemon tarts and half moons dancing in his head shifted his focus for a bit. Oh, also too, Red Sox!

5) The nearby bar, Clink, is too damn expensive AND the fries (yes, I indulged in that calorie laden comfort comestible) aren’t all that and a bag of chips either. Having said that, the adult bev was lovely as was the chandelier. Still, I think it's back to Harvard Gardens for today's dinner break.

6) The bed is STILL too damn big without him.

7) Cats should be allowed in the ICU. Coco misses her man and Rocco's confused – where's the big guy who usually occupies MY side of the bed?

Heading in now. This afternoon is the "Family Meeting." Not sure what to expect aside from the fact that there will be NO martinis at this confab.

My beautiful man!

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