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Sunday, June 26, 2016


Do I really need to know that Jim is at the Cranbrook Art Museum or at Dairy Delight, enjoying ice cream? Is it necessary that I get a message sent to my inbox every single time he appears at Logan Airport or dines out?

Do I really need an alert so’s I don’t miss yet another of Trina’s “funny/sexy” pics from one of her fruity cocktail fueled big nights out with her gal pals?

Syl just posted another of those “uplifting” memes….and I got an email notification.

Dina has one of those nostalgia/everything’s-shitty-and-skeevy-now-NOT-like-when-I-was-a-kid memes up and yes, I got an email alert for this too.

These are distant acquaintances at best yet Facebook feels the need to ping me every damn time they so much as break wind.

I get these but no communiques when Gina or Tim post fabulously interesting art pics. No bulletins arrive in my box when Sean posts his witty caffiene infused memes. None when Sue puts up fab party pics or Helen posts kiddle shots. And nada when Jim posts a fine political rant.

It’s all so damn random. I don’t get it.

Frankly, the only HEY-someone’s-posted-something-new email alerts I'd welcome are ones related to conversations that I might be in or when someone’s commented on one of my posts. I’m, to my perhaps misplaced embarrassment, on Facebook enough that I rarely miss a post from friends, family or random internet celebs that I choose to “follow.”

I tried “unfollowing”  Jim, Trina, Syl, Dina, etc. but I still get the email alerts. Would my inbox continue to be superfluity filled if I “unfriended” these folks? Probably but that's not the solution I'm after. I still enjoy seeing some of the stuff they all share.

I went into the settings section where, under emails, I fully expected to find this as my checked off option under WHAT YOU'LL RECEIVE:
Indiscriminate notifications from random folk who you barely know, when they sneeze, dine out, drink too many Cosmos, ostentatiously “pray,” post trite, sappy memes or take the latest hot “quiz.”
Nope. There wasn’t a box labeled like this so I couldn't uncheck. Assholes! How do I make this stop!

By the by, I know these pics have fuck-all to do with today’s blathering. So? Gorgeous dawn and sunrise here yesterday so I had to share.
Yes, you’re welcome.

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