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Friday, July 29, 2016


Yesterday Oni and I went to see Star Trek Beyond. It was gorgeous AND total escapism. Well, it would’ve been utterly complete escapism IF the damn closed captioning device worked. It didn’t.

Also, for those of you who haven’t read my Lipreading-is-NOT-just-like-hearing-and-all-I-need-to-do-is-concentrate-more rant, click the linky and then, just know, I was NOT able to read the actors lips. Nope.

When I couldn’t get the thing working, Oni very kindly took the device all the back to the far away (the Randolph Cinema de Lux is huge…VAST. It contains multitudes) customer service desk.  Fifteen minutes worth of missed amazing action later, he returned and, once again, we couldn’t get the fucker to work.

The preferred CaptiView
The device was the ballyhooed closed captioned glasses.
Sony Entertainment Access Glasses are sort of like 3-D glasses, but for captioning. The captions are projected onto the glasses and appear to float about 10 feet in front of the user. (source)
Sounds awesome, don’t it? I imagine that it is and that’s all I can do. I imagine that a working one could be tremendous.

Oni asked if I wanted to split. Nah. While there is a lot of dialogue in Beyond, there’s also all the cool-ass space ship and universe shit. We were a good 20 minutes into the flick at this point anyway. I wanted to see what happened next.

Glad we stayed as I've found my newest fave actress Sofia Boutella. She kicks serious ass and does it with mondo style. No surprise there – she's a dancer.

Interestingly, Jaylah’s listed as a scavenger and, waddya know, so was Daisy Ridley’s Rey! Yeah, I want the grands to see these movies. They should grow up seeing women on the big screen who are smart, strong, resourceful, steel nerved and cool as all hell.

So then – incredible movie but, yeah, I def need to see it again. This time we'll go to the Braintree theater where they have the reliable closed captioning arms.

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