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Monday, August 29, 2016

Caffe Amadeus

Before Jen and I left Indiana for the airport, we came across a nice surprise. We had enough time to stop in for a short visit with Poppy and figured we’d bring coffee and pastries. Where to go? Michal suggested we try Caffe Amadeus which was right on the main drag and totally on our way.

Wow. Pretty damned impressive for a small Appalachian town. OK, it would be pretty cool almost anywhere actually. The interior design reminded me of a tremendous little coffee shop in Krakow, whose name, all these years later, escapes me. Of course! Sadly, the joint doesn’t even turn up in my Google-snooping. Scheiße! They must be in the wind now.

But, back to Caffe Amadeus, the wee cakes here are far and away more amazing than anything you’ll ever find at Starbucks, Peets or Caribou Coffee Shops.
Caffe Amadeus has:
Cékla Torta!
Diós Torta!
Malakoff Torta!
Kokusz Chocolate Chip Kuglof!
Chocolate Raspberry Golyo!
And more! Click through the photos on their Facebook page and have a towel at hand – you’re gonna be drooling like Homer. Oh yes you will.

The tag on the Facebook page reads:
Caffe Amadeus is a European Style Coffeehouse. We are very passionate about coffee, roasting, customer service & baking!
The treats, Hungarian and Hungarian inspired, all look awesomely fab. If I lived in Indiana, I expect I’d be camped out here every morning and, oh yeah, about 40 pounds heavier.

Also too, the coffee – PERFECT! Reminded me of primo Italian Roast. There wasn't that burnt aftertaste that I find with Starbucks' (and their imitators) French Roast or the overly sugared, blech of Dunkin' Donuts' swill.

My only squawk about the place, and this is minor, is the floor. To really achieve that old world, Eastern European seraglio coffee house look/feel, they ought to have deeply mature, threadbare Turkish carpets everywhere – small and large, overlapping and colorful. They’d warm the place up and be a further invitation for folks to stay, sit and, yes, order one more piece of Orangentorten for the road.

So then, if you’re in Western Pennsylvania, this place is totes worth visiting. Repeatedly. You can find them at 628 Philadelphia Street, right across from the courthouse. It looks like they’re open daily from 7AM to 5PM.

OK, one more kvetch, they should be open evenings and offer vino and veggie Palacsinta, Pogácsa, Túrós Csusza, Lecsó and, OF COURSE, Rántott Sajt!

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