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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Cat as Security Blanket

Yesterday was Monday and those are, as I’m sure I’ve mentioned 100 times already, obscenely hard. My new friend Felicity came down to visit me here in the hinterlands. We went for a small shell collecting walk on our wee beach, had coffee and pastries from Saint Fratellis and she had a spin on my trike. It was good – good to see her and good to be doing, socializing, distracted.

I need to find balance on this horribly difficult day of the week. Nothing radically ambitious though – I get exhausted easily. This grief shit weighs a ton and a half.
An aside – if I make it through this I'll be the Hercules of emotions, a stability Wonder Woman, the Morrigan of inner peace – able to withstand anything, no matter how dire. AND I'll be able to leap over NYC skyscrapers in a single bound too. Ya know, at least!
Maybe, as yesterday, the best strategy is to visit with a friend, have some recoup time, do a bit of Big Bang Theory binge watching and then a trike ride. I'll follow this with painting, knitting and then more socializing with chums. Top it all off with reading a ripping yarn in bed.

Yup, I think I've got the plan for next Monday all set.

Meanwhile, in Cat World, my good boy Rocco decided that I needed to wake at 3:30 this morning. He was gentle but quite insistent with the nudging to the back of my head. Could be that he knew (cats always just know) I was having a nasty dream where I was in some very crowded mall (yech). I’d become separated from my friends somehow. Coco was in my arms – apparently, in Dream World, I was acting on my waking wish to bring her everywhere with me. You know, cat as security blanket. She was becoming increasingly antsy though – the crowds were getting to her. Of course – me too. We both needed to find our pals and GET OUT of this panic attack inspiring place.
De côté deux – I used to tell TAB that I needed one of those baby slings for Coco. Maybe now's the time to invest in one, hmmmm?
Why is there no pic of Rocco today? He’s spending a lot more time in the back of the closet lately. Not sure if it means that he’s sick or if this is just his new thing. Is he going Garbo on me again? When he comes out for chin skritches, meals and his daily brushing, I pat him all over to see if he’s in any pain. Nope. Good. There’s no way I could get him in a carrier and to the vet. He’s still much too anthropophobic for that. Can’t say that I blame him.
“What is the secret of life?” I asked. “I forget,” said Sandra.”
~ Kurt Vonnegut, Cat's Cradle 

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