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Friday, September 30, 2016


I found this awesome meme on Twitter yesterday. This is a stunningly perfect illustration of the gigantic, heinous double standard which becomes more obvious each day. I reposted it on my Shoutyface page and, unsurprisingly, I suppose, immediately got this comment from some petulant BernieBro:
I like this post a lot!!!! However, it still looks like Trump will be our next president. Most of Bernies people, myself included, think hillary is a corrupt, crooked politician. We also think the Democratic Party and the big movers and shakers in it, cheated Bernie during the primary. They wanted Clinton so badly they cheated. Now half the democratic party voters won't vote for Clinton. ( I won't). I believe the DNC gave the presidency to Donald Trump
Teddy boy, a Bernie-or-Buster, seems positively giddy over the idea of an apocalyptic Trump presidency. Why? It'll prove that he was right and true and pure and smartest! (What a smug, stratospherically huge imbecile.) Apparently he possesses an advanced inability to read anything but headlines and propaganda which confirm his extant beliefs. Fly that dimbulb flag high, mon frère!

From a July 25th article in the New Republic:
There is mounting evidence that the internal Democratic National Committee emails dumped by WikiLeaks last week were stolen by hackers tied to the Russian security services.
But this is being obscured by the content of the emails themselves. Bernie Sanders’s most ardent supporters say they constitute proof that the primary system was rigged against him. The emails, however, show nothing of the sort.
New Republic not left enough for you? Here’s a Mother Jones piece featuring Bernies' former national press secretary, Symone  D. Sanders,’ tweets about the Bros' claims of a stolen election. (Hint: she says it wasn't)

Yes, I totally get that a lot of very nice, intelligent people continue to think that Sanders would be a better prez than Clinton. I disagree AND, just FYI, am most def NOT going to debate this again – PERIOD. What’s roasting me today is that this bozo seems to be unable to grasp that his little Purity Pout-fest is callous, self-indulgent and willfull, out-for-numero-uno thinking in it’s most distilled, base form. He didn’t have a profile pic but I'd lay odds that he’s white, straight, not poor and, oh yeah, male – life's lowest difficulty setting. IF Trump wins, Teddy-boy's life won't really be effected at all.

Except, except he’ll get to play Social Justice Warrior Super Hero and V for Vendetta Radical and tell everyone I told you so, I told you this would happen. Wheeee! Fun times for Dim Boy. Real suffering’s way the fuck off in the distance for this fool.

Those of us who rock a darker shade of pale  or are Vagina Americans or happen to be one of the love that dare not speak its name tribe or are poor or not in peak, 100% physical and/or mental human form or any combo of the above will suffer the consequences of his purity protest non-vote vote.

This, this right here, is an example of an asshole without a shred of empathy, compassion or understanding. That and his long range thinking is clearly of the magical variety.

Despite Sanders’ late in the race negative, Republican-esque smear campaigning and posturing, he’s doing the right thing now. It’s too late to pull the BernieBros outta the fire but, I suppose, it always would’ve been.
Sanders gave four important reasons why millennials should support Hillary Clinton, the economy, the environment, Citizens United, and her stance against discrimination and racism. I would add Clinton’s free college tuition plan, and her plan to deal with student loan debt as two other very large reasons. Plus, Clinton’s plan on healthcare would make it easier and cheaper to get coverage, while Trump intends to throw Americans under age 25 off of their parents’ health insurance. (source)
Clinton’s lived most of her adult life in the spotlight and that bright beam was primarily held by the “Right.” Why, hello there Newty, Denny-boy. The solidly embedded and FAR from insubstantial misogynistic (both soft and subtle as well as hard and wicked obvs) portion of the country has been focused on her too.

Hence, the brilliance of the above meme.

Hillary’s NOT what these tiny dicked, oafish, cretins all tout her to be – nope, sorry dudes and dudettes. In fact, if Clinton was a Penis American, she’d be applauded, celebrated and heralded.

The Purity Posse will always be with us. Sadly. They'd all be happier, I imagine, if they could move to some small country full of folks exactly like themselves. Or not. Who would they condescend to and rage against then?

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