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Saturday, September 17, 2016

Scooby Action

Robert Anning Bell
Rudolf Koivu
I had a lot on my Get-it-Done-Today schedule yesterday.
  • Bank run
  • Pictures of Halloween candy that’s been in the stores since AUGUST!
  • Trike ride and knee exercises
  • Knit
  • Catch up on emails
  • Spend extra time with Rocco and Coco (they’ve both been a little down lately) 
  • Laundry
  • Dishes
  • Work (if any fresh projects came in – none did)
  • Sort out my new-ish camera (FINALLY!) – set up and how to use
  • Work on the skin tone of my big rabbit headed nude painting
  • and
  • Check on my slaking clay – move it along to the next stage.
Note the lack of Gee-This-Is-All-Done check marks after a full fourth of these items. This was an unambitious list. On top of that, the things I didn't get to are bits that'd make me feel good – like a free, happening, creatively productive, glowing human versus barely functioning, dim, lazy-ass slothpool.
Gustav Tenggren

A friend wrote to say
I don't think you have to set massive goals for yourself every day. If you're up to it, sure, but maybe set targets for every other day or for the week.

As an example, one thing that happens to people who are not in the habit of working out is they set these huge goals for themselves to go to the gym every day, or 5 days a week, or run 5 miles every day. And those aren't realistic based on their starting points – they get discouraged, and then quickly stop working out altogether.

You don't want to set objectives so high that if you don't accomplish them all, you feel defeated.
I wouldn’t say that I feel defeated as much as failure-esque. Is that the same thing? I’m going to follow my wise chum's advice and not jam pack today's To Do list. Later this morning I’ll go for a walk on Nantasket and then get the new camera set up. That's the plan and I believe I can accomplish this!
Arthur Rackham

Now, you may wonder, what the hell have you been doing in place of all those lovely items on your list? Well, though I wasn’t as immobilized by grief yesterday as I’d mostly been on Tuesday and Wednesday, I still spent the afternoon binge watching Big Bang Theory and Buffy. I am now the QUEEN of binge watching.

Now, just so’s ya know, I haven't watched TV in eons. Yes, yez, there’s Sci-Fi Tea Time but that’s just at the weekend. Doesn’t count. Also, Jen, Oni and I finally branched out from our All Joss Whedon, All the time high tea habit. We’re currently on Grimm
a cop drama—with a twist... a dark and fantastical project about a world in which characters inspired by Grimms' Fairy Tales exist (source)
There’s a team of supes, norms and Grimms who defend Portland from scary fairy-tale-come-to-life evil, not unlike Buffy’s Scooby Gang only the cast is adult not teen.

So yeah, TV good. Possibly I’m making up for lost time OR I'm just enjoying a calorie and alcohol-free distraction…while knitting.

Meanwhile, the terra cotta gets lonely, my rabbit headed, smoking nude wonders when the fuck I'm gonna make her skin tone all warm and luminous-like (dammit!) and that camera’s sitting in its box impatiently tapping its foot (if, ya know, cameras had feet).

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