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Friday, October 28, 2016

Art and Peas

Yesterday was our art seeking mission day to Reykjavik. We sat beside our little lagoon (yes, I’m getting a little possessive) as we waited for the bus into town. The sky was dark, temps hadn’t crested 40º yet and there was even a brief round of hail. Naturally I thought, this is a PERFECT time to be floating in Silica City! Ah well, I could do that when we got back. *sigh*

Find of the day – Þóra Einarsdóttir. I fell madly in love with this painting of hers (at right). Jesus, the color, textures and form are visual Valium for me. As I gazed on this, I was peacefully transported to the lava rocked quiet seaside. Meditative, calming and utterly absorbing – that’s what this is. I could see this hanging in my wee cottage, beaming out cool waves of tranquility 24/7. Why didn’t I snatch this sucker up? Sadly, it was well outta my price range and no, she doesn’t do prints. Donna haz a mondo sad!

Found in the same gallery, Stigur, Sólveig Hólmarsdóttir. Absolutely LOVE her beautifully strange, small ceramic sculptures.

After Stigur we found Keramik, a small clay art gallery we’d visited on out last Reykjavik adventure. It was just as fab as expected with work by Audur Inga Ingvarsdóttir, Guðný M Magnúsdóttir, Hólmfríður Vídalín Arngrímsdóttir and more.

After these two joints we were ready to wander in search of street art. While we managed to find a few lovelies, our feets were barking, STOP abusing us NOW!, so, we didn’t hit guerrilla art ground zero as we had before.

S’OK, the lagoon was calling to us. We just HAD to get back for more silica mud floaty time action! First though, we needed to locate a dealer for those amazing, inspirational, artisanal wasabi peas which, best we can tell, can only be found here in Iceland BUT can be located in regular old grocery stores.

Success was ours! We bought enough to, hopefully, see us through New England's cold dark winter.

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