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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Silicia Nirvana

Jen and I checked into our sweet Silica Hotel room yesterday early morning(YEA!!!) and then promptlycurled up under the tremendously fluffy down comforters and went all Nap City. Mein Gott, we deserved that gorgeous pause time.

After emerging from mini coma bliss, we suited up and melted into the the hotel's wondrous, private, geo-thermal lagoon. Instant heaven! The air temp was around 42º (Fahrenheit). The water? Around 100º. Did I mention the whole paradise quotient yet? YES, this is it – Arcadia!

Given our horrible, no-sleep plane-ride, we'd decided the rest of the day would be mondo low key. It was. After that rejuventing dip, we took a walk over to the main lagoon, the big, BIG Blue Lagoon for a café lunchy. It's a 10-15 minutes ramble on a sweet, off-road path through the amazing lava fields.

After our morning happy, chilled out pool time, the Blue Lagoon was a bit of a shock. There were a boatload of tour busses in the parking and roped off entry lines everywhere. It felt like the entrance to a Disney Small World-esque attraction – Iceland World!

From our table in the noshery, we could watch all the action in Lagoon Central. Man oh man, there were tons of selfie taking singletons, couples picture snapping each other and oldsters just enjoying the brill wet heat and floaty action. Yup, this last group seemed to be the ones being here now versus checking the visit off on their busy-be bucket lists.

Jen and I decided that we had no need whatsoever to swim there. Our place was, IS way better – not crowded or ostentatious at all.

On our return, after another stroll through the stark, dark beauty of the lava fields, we dissolved back into our quiet pond. Here's the amazing thing – I swam. I floated. I paddled about and NOTHING bad happened! I didn't horrifically and scarily lose my balance. I didn't drown. Jen did NOT have to rescue me at ANY point in our swim 'n' soak. There were NO Nf2-crap-balance Beneath the Waves events. AND I wasn't even using one of the kindly provided inner tubes either! This, this is huge.

Maybe when we get home, I can join the Y and start lap swimming again!

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