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Thursday, October 13, 2016

Out and About

I actually got a decent night’s sleep last night. YEA me!

I think this was due to:
  1. Finally, putting the goose down comforter on the bed. Now, despite having two (light) quilts on the bed AND wearing socks (très sexy, no?), I was routinely waking in the dark wee hours, painfully frozen. Why did I drag my chilled tootsies for so long? Putting the comforter on the bed means that it’s no longer summer. Fer reals and shit. You'd think, wouldn't you, that the equinox woulda been a big tip off, huh?
  2. Rocco, after a solid week of mega insistent you-gotta-get-up-and-pat-me-NOW wakey time nudging, gave me honest-to-Bast space this morning. Yes, he still needed his pats BUT, when I said Give me 15 more minutes HE DID! Can cats feel guilt? Maybe he felt bad about his pushy, mega needy behavior of the past week? Oh, dream on Donna!
  3. I was out and about yesterday, taking pics around Quincy Center for work. Now that I have the new camera (and am getting more comfortable with all the tech), I can do more photography for work. So, I had a nice walkabout on a crisp sunny day AND, at the same time, I got paid for doing something I enjoy. Felt bigly good. Gee willikers aces, in fact.
So, here are some of the pics from yesterday.

The flowers are from the garden outside the home of of John Adams (U.S. prez #2) and John Quincy Adams (U.S. prez #6) at Peace field.
Windows outside of the gorgeous Thomas Crane Public Library
This is the Adams' magnificent Stone Library. Just beautiful.

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