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Saturday, October 22, 2016

The Coffee Separation

Ya know what’s a real shock to the system? Having your kitchen floor redone when you live in a house that’s, essentially, just one step up from a Tiny Home.

When I retired to my cozy boudoir (AKA Rocco’s room), John and his son were just beginning to strip out the battered old linoleum. They worked until the wee morning hours. Boyhowdy I had a major jolt when I came downstairs at o-dark-thirty. I couldn’t get to the coffee maker!!!

Hello, my name is Donna and, apparently, I’m a coffeaholic.

I was able to get to Coco, Rocco and Ghost Cat’s food so they got brekkie (there would’ve been major hell to pay if I didn’t) and then I sat down to Google coffee shops that might be open at 4:30 in the bloody morning on a fucking Saturday. The only local joint (I could NOT drive far without a caffeine infusion) was Dunkin’ Donuts. *sigh*

I may very well have kvetched about their brew before – undoubtedly have. It’s got a sugary taste even when none’s been added. For that matter, so do their bagels. Yech!

Still, I HAD to have my morning mud and I had to have it PRONTO. I donned pants and sweater and motored off. The woman behind the counter was very nice but, oh baby, she was tweakin' somethin’ wicked fierce. The culprit was probably none other than the ink that I sought. Ooooookay.

I ordered a box of the dark roast figuring that, when John and son wake, they’ll need a dose or three too. Frankly, there may not be any left by then.

It’s not my joe of choice BUT it’s still coffee!

The cats are taking the first floor’s dishevelment in stride. Rocco – because he rarely goes down there. Coco – because the chaos gives her more places to poke around and explore. Ghost Cat’s not been around to the porch café yet this morning but then, he’s often late on rainy mornings.

Here’s something – while wandering around in the magical Google forest, I found The Mad Hatter. It’s a breakfast joint down in Weymouth, just a 20 minute drive away. Found this on their Shoutyface page:
Thursday specials are breakfast lasagna with two eggs; Turkey Delight served with two eggs; turkey benedict; grab 'n' go two Irish curry sausage rolls with home fries and Irish beans; Mad Hatter Delight; meatloaf breakfast; veggie quiche after 9:30; apple bacon French toast; pancakes topped with stewed berries; strawberry pancakes; salmon lox plate; salmon filet blt; salmon filet benedict; meatloaf dinner; Shepard's pie; tuna melt; Philly steak bomb wrap; turkey dinner; and soup of the day is potato leek. For dessert we have five layer chocolate cake.
Yes, that’s LOT of meat BUT, did ya note that first entry? Breakfast lasagna! I saw, on their website that they regularly have breakfast pizza too. Jesus, I SO have to check this place out!

Mebbe tomorrow morning even but first, rescuing my coffee maker from the kitchen anarchy is in order. I'll set it up here in my bedroom so's I can dose up before getting behind the wheel. Safety is gainful/Accidents are painful and all that happy, slogan-y horseshit.

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