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Friday, July 10, 2015

New in Catworld!

Rocco's a big fan of our couch
Our fierce, former feral, slow-to-change Rocco has made a fresh move.

Previously, he’d been spending all his time in our bedroom, coming out only to use the loo and, on odd occasion, scurry downstairs, eat Coco’s food and then dash back up. This being just another salvo in their ongoing passive/aggressive wars. Coco’s favored volley, lest you think she’s some sweet innocent, was to poop in his litter box. They each have their own latrine. Of course.

Rocco slept by my side each and every night until my recent trip down to Pennsylvania to see Vati. The night of my return Rocco slept on my chest (unusual!) until about one AM. He then moved up to sit on my pillow—a better point from which to keenly stare into my face as I attempted Z-time.

I guess.

They hover and swarm—scary!
After that, our boy moved into The Amazing Bob’s study where the bangs, clangs and roar of Fourth of July festivities were muted.
And then, THEN, on Wednesday, four days post-Big Boom-age, Rocco emerged. He came down the stairs and took a seat on the landing’s window ledge. He stayed there all day—even taking his meals on the window ledge. On Thursday morning he descended, entering the living room area. This was BIG—shoulda had some appropriately heraldic soundtrack playing, eh? 'Cept that would've freaked our timid boy clean into the next century.

After his momentous move, Rocco allowed that, now, he’d take his meals in the kitchen. Huh. K.

How’s our princess doing with sharing the first floor of our wee cottage? Fine. Really. Well, she, more or less, ignores him. They stay out of each other’s faces but there’s no mondo fat production of avoidance either. They’ll never be cozy besties but this new detente is a monster improvement!

Here’s the funny thing—yeah I know, it’s early days yet but they’ve already got some interesting habits—they swarm. If TAB’s sitting in his big chair, Coco’s on his lap and Rocco’s at his feet. When I’m at the computer, Coco will sit in the window above with Rocco at my feet. It’s like the two of them are on constant guard duty.

Either that or they’re waiting for treats. If they hover long enough, they just know they’ll get some Whisker Lickins. I think they’re ganging up on us. I know...shocking, right?