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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Brilliant Kicks!

Yesterday was a beautifully lazy day. I spent the whole first half of it in bed. Why? I had a vulgar little headache (OK, it was one that would've laid my pal Godzilla clean out).

Was this a left over from the heinous, fuckwadded antidepressant? Could it have been caused by anxiety over the incoming American Nazi administration? Were those pesky meningiomas rockin’ out in my ol' brain again? Did I forget to take my asthma med and cough all night AGAIN? Mebbe. Who knows. Whatevs. I decided to enjoy a rare, indulgent sick day.

Yeah, there was no Y time and minimal amounts of work. I spent the morning napping and, when the that nasty mal de tête eased up on jackhammering my bean, I read. I'm still on Stranger in a Strange Land and…ooo boy, I’m finding it, possibly, way too "dated" to finish. Heinlein’s attitudes toward women and gay men are decidedly boorish, ignorant and, worst of all, completely inconsistent with the general tone and temper of the book.
 Jill... had explained homosexuality, after Mike had read about it and failed to grok--and had given him rules for avoiding passes; she knew that Mike, pretty as he was, would attract such. He had followed her advice and had made his face more masculine, instead of the androgynous beauty he had had. But Jill was not sure that Mike would refuse a pass, say, from Duke--fortunately Mike's male water brothers were decidedly masculine, just as his others were very female women. Jill suspected that Mike would grok a 'wrongness' in the poor in-betweeners anyhow--they would never be offered water. (source)
Eh, I’ll scan a few more pages and, before possible bin action, I’ll see if he pisses me off again.

Back in Migraine City though – by afternoon I was pain free and figured I’d get up and out, head down to the mall to pick up a necessary new pair of sneaks. The Amazing Bob and I always shopped at Sears. We knew we'd find well made, supportive, normally too-expensive-for-our-budget tennies on sale there. Not this time though. Yes there was a lot on offer BUT all in dull white, black or grey. ZZZZZZZZZZ If I’m going to wear an ugly-ass pair of trainers, they’ve got to at least be a pretty color.

On my dejected walk back to the car, I passed through the shoe department in Macy’s. The joint's too pricey for me but, HUZZAH, a sale! Couldn’t hurt to peek around, eh? I struck gold or, more specifically, silver. OK and lavender too. Yes, I bought TWO pair. HEY, they're gorgeous and they were on sale!

Now...I know, I know, Cons aren't exactly known for their brill support BUT who could resist? Also too, I can slip in those lovely high tech insoles.

TAB would be dramatically rolling his eyes at me right now. I can just feel it.

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