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Thursday, December 1, 2016

Crib Crap

I dreamed that The Amazing Bob and I were living in a small house in some non-oceany rural-ish 'burb. Despite the lack of Atlantic puddleness, we loved our home – it was our snug, safe haven.

We were leaving it for some odd reason though. (Jesus U-Haul Christ, I always seem to be moving house in Nocturnal Vision Land!) The new digs were in a nice, convenient, more citified area. The house though was much, much smaller, even tinier than our wee Vahalla cottage, and in truly rough shape. I just couldn’t feature why, oh fucking WHY, we’d ever leave our cozy shelter, especially considering the new crib was SO not all that.

Our awesome friends came to help us on the big fat move day. Good thing too as the “new” house still had the previous tenants' gotta-be-curbed crap in it. Asshole that I am, while TAB and our chums were emptying the place out, I ducked up the street and found a nice little, independently owned art supply store. They had the oddest, most random assortment of paints and brushes but I somehow just knew they’d be willing to special order whatever I needed. Comforting.

Here’s the thing – in this new, cramped, beat to shit home, The Amazing Bob wanted a room and bed of his own. While he def wanted us to stay together, he didn’t want to share a cot. Huh. I was sad, WAY BLEEDIN’ MONSTER SAD, but acquiescent. It was important, essential even, to live with TAB even if we didn’t bunk together.

Rocco AKA Big Foot
At this point I was desperate for an up note – some positive little, hope-giving grace note. Found it. The front of the new place had a giant purple triangle on the front of it. Dunno why this cheered me. Because I love the color purple? Because triangle shapes have always made me happy? Because this symbolized some wickedly deep shit?

Who knows. I prolly could’ve explored this more but Rocco chose that moment to wake me by walking over my head. I may change his name to Big Foot.

And, for some reason (at this moment anyhow), I now have the Captain Beefheart tune My Head is My Only House Unless it Rains spinning on the ol' internal turntable. Sweet!

A snippet of lyrics:
I’ll let a train be my feet
If it’s too far to walk to you
If a train don’t go there I’ll get a jet or a bus
Because I’m going to find you
And my head is my only house until I’ve found you

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