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Sunday, November 6, 2016

Is it Wednesday yet?!

Is it Hump Day morning yet?

OK, NOW is it Wednesday morning?

Please, OH bitte, PUH-leese let it be Wednesday morning RIGHT NOW!

According to NBC News:
Donald Trump was rushed off stage by the Secret Service while delivering a speech in Reno, Nevada, Saturday night after someone in the crowd yelled "gun," the federal agency said. No weapon was found.
"Upon a thorough search of the subject and the surrounding area, no weapon was found," the statement said.
It's unclear who shouted "gun," but the man who was detained and later released told reporters that he is a lifelong Republican and only tried to hold up a sign that said "Republicans Against Trump."
Who knows, maybe the idjit who shouted gun wasn’t really a dimbulbed blood-and-thunder histrionic. Could be! Maybe, possibly he/she REALLY thought the placard, which had the poor taste not to praise their leader, WAS a weapon…at least in his/her fevered imagination.

*sigh* I know these people won’t disappear on Wednesday. I get that. The Republican Party and their nominee, the fool's gold king, have lit up the worst, the most oafish and unbalanced of us.

Psych Today did a survey, Who Supports Donald Trump:
The attitudes most strongly linked to support for Trump include “Welfare programs just encourage people to be lazy,” “People who are poor just need to work harder,” and “In life, winning is the only thing that matters.” Trump supporters were far less likely to endorse the attitudes “Raising the minimum wage is a good idea,” “Building relationships is more important than building profit,” and “Happiness is more important than money.”
No surprises there.
My friend’s Steve and Elaine and I drove up to Melrose yesterday for the big Hunt’s Photo Show. As we came off the highway, we saw a large, beautiful house wrapped, (honest to Bast, it was WRAPPED) in a wide, bright white banner with Trump’s name YUUUGE is red.

Jesus. The sign-poster’s proclaiming to the world I’m deeply cognitively impaired, intensely gullible and, quite likely, a big bully. Maybe, when Wednesday rolls around, folks like this will crawl back under their rocks, stop flying their I’m-an-asshole freak flags quite so shamelessly, stop advertising their delusions and deficiencies.

No, I’m not holding my breath.

I think I’m gonna go toss an Intergalactic bomb into a hot bath, take a trike ride around the Neck and then read trashy Sci Fi books with the cats....until Wednesday.
palate cleansing dawn shot

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