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Saturday, December 17, 2016

Art Balm

Tammy Garcia
Virgil Ortiz
I am purposely NOT talking about politics right now. There are other, better informed, brilliant folk in Intertube World who are. Like Bill Moyers, the folks at Bloomberg, Steve M. at No More Mister Nice Blog, Joe Romm, Adrienne Mahsa Varkiani, Aaron Rupar and the rest of the ThinkProgress crew.
Poe Dismuke

I’ll assuredly be ranting, raging and making suggestions and pleas for organized resistance in the coming days and months but today….today we have more art.

You’re welcome.

William Spencer-Memoriae Angeli
In Bisbee, Jenny and I visited the Sam Poe Gallery which exclusively shows the work of the ownrs, husband and wife, Poe Dismuke and Sam Woolcott. I preferred Poe’s work (and seem to have only photographed his pieces) – they have life, arch-ish humor, a dash of joie de vivre and I’m wild for the Little Nemo-ish cartoon quality. Of course. It’s how many of my dreams are illustrated.

The Beleza Gallery, also in Bisbee, shows a lot of interesting artists. Amongst them are Bob Ichter and William Spencer whose website is marvelously hypnotic.

Kate Drew Wilkerson
Kate Drew Wilkerson has a gallery named Uptown Tribal. She makes the most amazing glass beads – they’re like swirling worlds and are pendant sized. Check out the cool slideshow here on her website. I really wish I’d bought one. *sigh*

Back in the Phoenix area Jenny made a brief stop at the Roosevelt Row Gallery in the up and coming, very cool, arts district before heading on to Scottsdale – Gallery Central.

The places whose collections really slayed me were:

Gebert Contemporary – They carry both Fritz Scholder and Elizabeth Cheche. LOVE them!

King Galleries shows a LOT of Pueblo pottery both traditional and totally fucking wild. Virgil Ortiz, Tammy Garcia, Diego Romero and more. Jesus this place was worth the whole damn trip!

The Signature Gallery also had a tremendous collection including Randy O’Brien’s brill pottery, Jammey Huggins' gorgeous sculptural jars, a J.R. Eason piece which I’m crazy for, Star York’s  crows and alabaster sculptor Susan Zalkind. There was loads more cool stuff there too.

If you find yourself in the Phoenix area, these three galleries are total MUSTS.
Jammey Huggins

Diego Romero
J.R. Eason
Randy O’Brien
Star York
Virgil Ortiz
Poe Dismuke
At 72"x120" this Charles Pabst painting was magnificently overwhelming. I felt like I was inside, on this river. Brill color!

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