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Friday, December 30, 2016

Kitchen Conundrum

Here’s a puzzle.

Imagine, someone’s coming to do a bit of much needed work on your kitchen floor. You know that, once the work begins, you won’t be able to enter said scullery for approximately 36 hours.

What do you do to prepare? Now then, a clear, forward thinking, bright babe might make a list of must-haves. Things to move into the living room such as:
  • coffee maker, coffee AND a mug
  • trash can WITH bag in place
  • cat food AND their dishes
  • that packet of dark chocolate covered almonds to which I’m currently addicted
Did I do this? Yeah, not so much. This wasn’t some dark mysterious problem. No MIT level brains needed to work this out, huh? And yet…. oopsie. 

At Obscenely Dark O’clock, I donned my coat (YES over my jammies!) and lit out for the closest caffeine pusher. First things first don’cha know.
Now then, cats are fed, trash is in a pile waiting for its bag, Cocco and Rocco’s dinner dishes are sitting on the dining table along with my soup bowl from yesterday’s lunch – yup, they’re all dry and crusty now and will be great gobs ‘o’ fun to clean tonight.

You'd think (OK, I would think) that being without the comestible cube for a day would be no biggie for me. After all, I don't cook – at most I boil, reheat or microwave. BUT the eatables alcove is where the cat food and espresso roast live. Also too, the joint's doing double duty as my painting studio now. I get all jangly when I can't paint.

BUT I’ve got a large java which’ll hopefully float me until I can get to the Y where, conveniently, there’s a coffee vendor in the lobby. Have I mentioned my deep love for the Y? If I had any sense when I woke (not a common event) I would’ve just skinned on my bathing suit, hit the Y, done my laps while still too groggy to understand that I was exercising and had my cuppa there.

Speaking of which – time to go!

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