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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

One Fine Day

I am somewhat exhausted; I wonder how a battery feels when it pours electricity into a non-conductor?
~ Arthur Conan Doyle, The Adventure of the Dying Detective

And the looks on the faces of my countrymenpassive heads bent arms at their trousers everyone guilty of not being their best of not earning their daily bread the kind of docility I had never expected from Americans even after so many years of our decline. Here was the tiredness of failure imposed on a country that believed only in its opposite. Here was the end product of our deep moral exhaustion.
~ Gary Shteyngart, Super Sad True Love Story

Exhaustion is a thin blanket tattered with bullet holes.
~ Matthew De Abaitua, If Then  

For me, it was a lonely season. Whenever I got home and took off my clothes, I felt as if any second my bones would burst through my skin. Like some unknown force inside me had taken a wrong turn somewhere, and was leading me off in some strange direction to another world.
~ Haruki Murakami, Pinball, 1973

It's hard not to feel humorless, as a woman and a feminist, to recognize misogyny in so many forms, some great and some small, and know you're not imagining things. It's hard to be told to lighten up because if you lighten up any more, you're going to float the fuck away. The problem is not that one of these things is happening; it's that they are all happening, concurrently and constantly.
~ Roxane Gay, Bad Feminist

Man was made at the end of the week's work, when God was tired.
~ Mark Twain

the tired sunsets and the tired
people -
it takes a lifetime to die and
no time at
~ Charles Bukowski

Recipe For Happiness Khaborovsk Or Anyplace

One grand boulevard with trees
with one grand cafe in sun
with strong black coffee in very small cups.
Edward Dalmulder – Buddha in golden light

One not necessarily very beautiful
man or woman who loves you.

One fine day.
~ Lawrence Ferlinghetti

Not until the creation and maintenance of decent conditions of life for all people are recognized and accepted as a common obligation of all people and all countries - not until then shall we, with a certain degree of justification, be able to speak of humankind as civilized.
~ Albert Einstein

am waiting for the war to be fought
which will make the world safe for anarchy
~ Lawrence Ferlinghetti, A Coney Island of the Mind 

What is the appropriate behavior for a man or a woman in the midst of this world, where each person is clinging to his piece of debris? What's the proper salutation between people as they pass each other in this flood?
~ Siddhartha Gautama

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