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Friday, December 9, 2016

Westward Ho!

And I’m using the word ho as an interjection (e.g.: Land ho! or What ho!) NOT as in prossy or tramp. I hear you snickering out there (neat trick since I'm deaf, eh?) – STOP that!

In any case, later today I’m hopping on my fave carrier (Jet Blue of course!) and zooming out to Arizona to visit my wonderful friend Jenny. On Saturday morning we’ll motor down to Bisbee which, I’m told, is a cool art mecca. Psyched!

Also too, it’s just 12.5 miles from Bisbee to Mexico. Yes, I’d like to go just so I can say “I’ve been to the real Mexico" (versus tourist Mexico) BUT the closest town is Naco in Sonora and, from a quick round of Googling, it doesn’t look like it has much of interest unless I’m after inexpensive meds or a dentist. *sigh* I want art galleries, cool cantinas and....ummmmm....shit like that there.

I used to have such a laissez-faire attitude about travel. I’d pack my rucksack minutes before heading out to the airport. I'd read my Lonely Planet guide en route and just buckle in for adventure. Mind you, that was when I was traveling on my own, NOT visiting chums and I was going to brand-y new, no-idea-what-to-expect places.

Now, however, I’m actually thinking about shit and planning. What’s the weather/the temperature gonna be? Should I bring both cameras – the new, I-can-make-BIG-prints-from-these beast AND the basic point-and-shoot/these’ll-look-fine-online baby? Will my laptop fit in my purse or my backpack? Do I need to bring shampoo or will the B&B supply that?

Also too, I've the cats to consider. Jen and Oni, saints that they be, will feed them and clean their boxes. Both kittens need LOADS of attention so, naturally, I’m already feeling guilty for being away. Coco will enjoy J&O’s ministrations and general TLC. My sweet, scaredy-cat Rocco however, will likely hide out in the depths of the closet the whole time. Poor boy! I’ve written out instructions for the Cat Cosseting Team – they should leave plenty of treats near his food bowl. That and they both get a little people-tuna at lunch. Fuss, fuss, fuss, fuss, fuss.

OH and then there’s Ghost Cat to consider!

Another thing, in the last few weeks I’ve become a real regular at the Y. I NEED to get in a solid lap swim (and maybe some weight work) before I go. My mood levels, weight loss effort, muscles and shaky-ass balance will thank me for that.

With all my fretting and fussing you’d think I was gonna be gone a month. Nope. I’m back on Wednesday morning. On that note, blogging MIGHT be a little sporadic until then. I will, at the least, be posting pics.

Just FYI and shit.

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