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Thursday, February 2, 2017

Groundhog Day

It’s Groundhog Day and I’m, of course, reminded of Bill Murray’s flick of the same name. His character, Phil Connors get’s stuck in time (unrelated to Punxsutawney Phil’s search for his shadow) and that’s how I’m feeling...sort of.

If I could pick a day to be trapped within it sure as hell wouldn’t be here and now in these TAB-less days during the Conman in Chief and his appallingly repugnant toady's destruction of this once great country.

I think I REALLY need to take the day off from reading about Cheeto Hitler’s astoundingly barbarous idiocy and seriously malignant narcissism. Yeah, I don’t want to hear about the antics of his proudly dimwitted, intolerant and brazenly contemptuous band of feral Nazi wannabes either.

I read the transcript of Trump’s speech at the White House kick-off of Black History Month. To say that his words were breathtakingly self obsessed, mind-bogglingly clueless and overwhelmingly out of touch with reality is a spectacular understatement.
One sentence about how great Martin Luther King was, followed by 10 about how a journalist misreported a story about Trump. So when talking about one of the most important men in US history, Trump pivoted his speech to make it all about himself and how he’s so misunderstood by the media.

It doesn’t stop there. Later on in the speech, Trump again briefly mentioned King and other black heroes. Then he spent most of his time on a rant about how the “great friends and supporters” around him for the event have fought for him, including on TV, even as “hostile” and “fake news” outlets like CNN have gone after him — adding that “Fox has treated me very nice.” (source)
By the by, Trump and his pet sphincter, (oh sorry, I mean his press secretary and director of communications) Sean Spicer have absolutely NO idea who Frederick Douglass was but that doesn’t stop them from namedropping in their absurdly hollow, pie pan-deep attempt to seem connected to more than the wealthy white males of this country.

In case anyone was still unsure of Darth Asshole’s intentions – to be a dictator, not a president and to ensure this country is wholly owned by a small group of rich, rapacious, tiny dicked cretins – this, if nothing else so far, ought to seal the deal:
President Trump urged Senate Republican leaders Wednesday to be prepared to tear up the rules of the Senate and “go nuclear” if Democrats try to block his Supreme Court nominee from winning confirmation — complicating the beginning of Judge Neil Gorsuch’s delicate courtship of the lawmakers who will decide his fate. (source)
But back at repeating days and times – I’d be hard pressed to pick just one day. Maybe that final, magical day, eons ago, of the Orkney Folk Festival. Definitely ANY day with my Amazing Bob. Christ almighty, we had so damn much fun! I’d start with the day we met when the earth totally fucking STOOD STILL.

Yeah, that’d rock. BIG time.

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