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Friday, February 3, 2017

Upcoming Holiday Action

At the end of the month I’m flying off to Berlin to visit with my cousin Della and her awesome husband Martin. YEA! Della’s been suggesting things we can do during the week I’m there.

Ya know, I’ve not been away from home for a whole week since about six or seven years ago when The Amazing Bob’s health hit the skids. I’d grab a day or three (TOPS!) here and there but that was it. This is gonna feel new, different, WILD!

On the menu is the Bundestag (Germany’s parliament buildings) where I can see more than just the cool architecture of the Reichstag Building. In addition to fab building design and government shit, they’ve work by both German and other country’s artists on display.

At the Sammlung Scharf-Gerstenberg there’s the show – Surreal Objectivity: Works from the 1920s and 1930s from the Nationalgalerie. They’ve got Otto Dix, Max Ernst, René Magritte and a bunch of artists whose work I don’t know yet.

At the Martin-Gropius-Bau there’s a show of Robert Doisneau snaps. Sweet!

The Bröhan Museum caught my eye. There’s an exhibit of Günther Kieser’s designs right now. Amongst others he designed concert posters for Hendrix and the Dead.

Museum Berggruen has a retrospective of George Condo’s work. A funny – he’s just a year older than me AND comes from Concord, New Hampshire, (80 miles north of me here in Valhalla) and I’ve never heard of him before. His work looks intriguingly weird. I think I need to see this show.

The Berlinische Galerie – Museum for Art, Photography and Architecture (Landesmuseum für Moderne Kunst, Fotografie und Architektur) looks like it has some neato-keen odd shit. of the youngest museums in the capital and showcases art made in Berlin from 1870 till today. Among its areas of focus are Dada Berlin, New Objectivity (Neue Sachlichkeit), Eastern European avant-garde and art created during the Berlin Wall era as well as in the reunited metropolis.
I REALLY wanted to hit the Boros Collection but they’re closed through May.
The collection is housed at an unusual location, namely a bunker built in 1942 that after the Second World War served as a Red Army prison, then as a warehouse for fruit from Cuba and then, after the fall of the Berlin Wall, as a techno club.
Yeah, I’m as interested in being inside a building with such deeply wild history as anything else.

There’s a Dali exhibit at the Potsdamer Platz – that’d be fun.

AND I just found the Spy Museum!
The German Spy Museum Berlin gives a unique insight into the gloom of espionage right where the Wall once divided the city. Visitors are welcome to use the most recent multimedia-based technology to detect all the bizarre and sneaky methods of agents and secret services. An exciting time travel from spying in ancient Bible history to the present and future right in the middle of the capital of spies. Decipher a range of secret codes, negotiate the laser-beam obstacle course, see how secure your favourite password is and hack in to your favourite websites!
I’ve GOT to pay them a visit!

And then there's all the different food options. Christ this is gonna be one fabolicious, MUCH needed escape!

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