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Monday, February 6, 2017


Waddya know, it’s Monday. Swear ta Bast, time passes way differently on the weekend than it does Monday through Friday. It’s like this, I did NOTHING of interest on Saturday and Sunday. I went to the gym. I spent quality time with the herd. I cleaned house. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz 

And yet, time zipped by as though I’d been painting, dancing my sweet ta-tas off, museum-ifying and watching Star Wars movies the whole damn time. I feel there MUST be some super duper physics-y explanation for this.

By the by, that cottage-by-the-sea cleaning? The joint's hardly spotless now BUT I'm wholly, thoroughly exhausted. 'the fuck's that all about?

I’d planned on limiting my consumption of news and politics. Ya know, have a mini-vaca from our insane clown posse government. My goal? Lower blood pressure, elevated mood, reduction of throat rasping rants for justice and shit – only for the weekend, mind you. I succeeded. More or less. Kind of. Sorta. OK, maybe a tiny bit.Yeah, I gotta work on this.

I keep reading that signing online petitions does no good in terms of being heard/announcing displeasure with authority. Not true BUT slacktivism is def not enough. And while I’m at it, marches and rallies feel good, build community and they show folks in power that, YES, they are opposed. Both very good but these are beginnings, matches to light a conflagration, NOT end products.

So, I can sign the online petitions, march my tootsies off but I can’t make those important, recommended phone calls. Warum? Deaf here, ‘member? I haz a I-Can't-Make-Phone-Calls sad.

From Ben Wideman's, (a Mennonite pastor in Pennsylvania), Facebook update re: his visit to Republican senator Pat Toomey's office in Johnstown:
1. Everyone we spoke with was rattled. They have never experienced this much constant feedback. The phones haven't stopped since the Inauguration and they admitted they can't check voicemail because there is no pause to do so.
2. Letters are the only thing getting through at this point [Note: I've heard that postcards are better because they can impound letters for five weeks to check for contaminants]. Regional offices are a much better mail destination because they compile, sort, and send everything. DC mail is so backed up right now it takes twice as long to send things there.
Go to the link for more.
Way cool that Toomey’s (and I’m guessing other Republican senators and reps) phones are jammed! How else can I, can we, get through? Postcards. WE can send postcards. POSTCARD PARTIES! Also, tomorrow night there’s a Women's March Huddle happening up at the library here in Quincy.
We’ll visualize what a more equitable, just, safer and freer world could look like four years from now -- and we’ll work backwards to figure out what we need to do, starting today, to get there. Huddles are meant to be positive, inclusive, action-oriented and grounded in the tradition of nonviolent resistance.
I’m Huddle-curious.

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