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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

I Could Just Scream Part Infinity

OR Monkey See, Monkey Do

The other day Paul Krugman had this, amongst other things, to say:
Competent lawyers might tell you that your Muslim ban is unconstitutional; competent scientists that climate change is real; competent economists that tax cuts don’t pay for themselves; competent voting experts that there weren’t millions of illegal ballots; competent diplomats that the Iran deal makes sense, and Putin is not your friend. So competence must be excluded.

    At this point, someone is bound to say, “If they’re so dumb, how come they won?” Part of the answer is that disdain for experts -- sorry, “so-called” experts -- resonates with an important part of the electorate. Bigotry wasn’t the only dark force at work in the election; so was anti-intellectualism, hostility toward “elites” who claim that opinions should be based on careful study and thought. (source)
Rather than know and understand the honest-to-Bast facts of this life, it’s just a lot bloody easier to label all reports that counter dearly held beliefs, handed down from Von Clownstick, as “fake news.” Fake news. THIS from the party who gave us PizzaGate amongst a zillion other obscene, loudly farted fictions.

Make no mistake – it’s not just our narcissist in chief playing the delusional bully boy fib card, it’s the whole damn Republican party and their easily gulled base.

I had this Think Progress post, Trump handled North Korea crisis in full view of diners and waiters at his private club, up on my Shoutyface page:
In other words, Trump — who made Hillary Clinton’s email security the centerpiece of his presidential campaign — discussed sensitive national security matters in front of waiters and diners who were later able to describe the scene “in detail” to reporters. (source)
One friend of a friend was ALL “fake news, fake news!”  Of course. She sees the president, who she doubtless voted for, shouting that every news source which calls him out on his conspiracy theory laden, delusional lies is FAKE NEWS (when, in fact he wallows in dangerous and extreme fantasist nonsense “news”). Monkey see/Monkey do. Not to diss primates!
In response to this Bill Nye meme that I have up, another guy was all “wind farms are inefficient.” He responded to my request for a credible source to back up his claims with screen grabs of what popped up when he plugged in the these phrases.

*ahem* I only mention it but:

A) if you type your foregone conclusion into Google, the webpages which pop up will be ones which most closely correspond to what YOU typed. This is not the same as finding scientific research to back up your claim. Just so's ya know and all.
B) giving me a screen grab of your fast, biased search page is not the same as providing a source. What would that look like? This, THIS is an actual, real live source. Just FYI and shit.

Why didn’t I call out this dude’s bullshit reply?
1) he didn’t seem completely irredeemable in that he said The reality is, the future will have many forms of energy. Boyhowdy, a true realistic statement! HUZZAH!
2) I hate to debate. It takes a lot out of me and, for some random online idiot, it doesn’t feel like a worthwhile investment of my precious, motherfucking energy.
3) later in our back and forth, he totally showed his not-worth-my-effort ass when he noted that: ...sailboat isn't my style. I have a powerboat that I love. I listen to loud music with subwoofers and need the alternater and generator to recharge my batteries. The truck I own is designed to pull up to 10,000 pounds including its own weight. Gasoline is still king. :-)

a snippet from a long exchange
He’s not interested in being part of the solution. Nope, he’s about himself, his BIG truck, powerboat and his prized subwoofers. Probably only dates “10s,” has the mental depth of a pie plate and voted for Trump because he’s a great business man, a real standup tough guy, says what he means – isn't politically correct.

In my final note to him, I focused on the one point we, more or less, agreed on – deforestation is bad. I felt, at first, like a chicken shit for walking away from a fight. Noperino.
1) This is a friend of a Facebook friend. Someone who, despite my posts set to “public” will probably never see (and/or feel inspired to comment on) one of my posts again.
2) Finding things we can agree on is about NOT alienating the oppo. IF he and I ever exchange text again, mebbe he’ll be open to reading some unbiased reality.

Meantime, I'm tired of being such a calm, mature adult! 'scuse me, I think I gotta go have a tantrum or, possibly, a cookie.

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