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Sunday, February 12, 2017


Winter came late this year and by winter I mean the snow and ice – the solstice was right on time as uszh. It’s practically mid-February and we got our first big blizzard only now? Single digit temps were blissfully absent until this past week too. I’m SO out of nasty-weather practice!

My winter boots don’t slip on as smoothly as my Vans (what does?). The Yaktrax, also hard to pull on, are great but only outside. Hard surfaces, floors, are NOT their friends. The minute balance-challenged me comes inside I need to switch shoes or risk teeter tottering my way into great, splatting falls. Fine – swapping out to my beloved Vans is AOK but NOT if I’m having an errand day. Ya know, driving all over hell – stopping into this store and that for a sec, dropping by work for a bit, hitting the Y.

Utter pain in the ass!

While the Y and work have places to sit for the footwear exchange, Stop & Shop, Walgreens, Lowes and my neighborhood packy most def do not.

I KNOW! I’ll put the Yaktrax on an old pair of blissfully easy to don Vans and put another pair in a tote bag. Switcheroos'll be easy peasy!

But, oh wait, my old, beat up, should-be-Yaktrax-ized Vans are in Bix and my poor smartcar’s at the car doctor right now. Why? After a day which started mondo spazoidily (panic – it’s exhausting), I went out to run a zillion and one half errands.

My Bix? He's not real keen on snow. Nope. I know, you’re TOTES not surprised. Between the Y and home I noticed that the ride seemed a bit wobbly and rough. Hmmph, I thought, reminds me of the time I got a flat tire. Naaah, can’t be. Must be some snow and ice wedged in a wheel well. I stopped at the wine store where a very nice dude pointed out Hey, you’ve got a flat.


Smarts don’t come with spares AND the tire repair kit is widely thought of as a joke. Yeah, I needed a tow and a new wheel. I still love my Bix BUT today I’m dreaming (day variety) of Mustangs.

This morning the forecast calls for snow, sleet and freezing rain and then we’ll get more snow tonight. We’re due for another eight inches of this heavy wet shit between now and tomorrow’s finish. And, until my car’s fixed, I’m Public Transportation Polly. No prob in nice weather BUT....I'm just not a great lover of standing on sidewalks, being soaked by every passing car's spray of snow and cold, filthy puddle water, while waiting for my bus!

Maybe I’ll just stay inside with the cats until spring.

The snow doesn't give a soft white damn whom it touches.
~ e e cummings

A lot of people like snow. I find it to be an unnecessary freezing of water.
~ Carl Reiner

It was as if he were in a place that the whole world had forgotten; as if it were snowing at the end of the world.
~ Orhan Pamuk, Snow 

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