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Saturday, February 11, 2017

Spaz Alert!

Now I feel like a colossal dork.

Earlier this AM I posted my freak out.

I woke thinking Must send info to Della from my passport so we can go to the Bundestag while I’m there (in two weeks!). When I came downstairs I found an email reminder from her as well. I immediately snagged my purse so I could  make sure to take care of this before I forgot once more and lost my Bundestag visiting chance.

Upon opening my bag – NO fucking passport! I ALWAYS keep my passport in my little courier bag – where could it be?

Figuring it must be lost/not stolen, I spent the next hour+ combing the piles of crap on my dining room table. The stack of papers and photos sitting on my cluttered couch and computer desk were fiercely combed through too. I checked the backpack I used on my last trip. I turned my damn purse inside out a half dozen times. I looked in the tote bag I thought I’d used when I went out to visit Jenny in Arizona. My damn passport was NOwhere to be found!
And then….then I calmed down a smidge. I looked into what was needed to replace it and could that be done in the time I have (yes – just barely).

I sat with Coco on my lap – always a successful, meditative thing to do. While skritching my princess’ neck it struck me – I used my green canvas bag on the Arizona trip, NOT my multi colored waterproof sack.

Yes. The passport was in the front pocket of this little holdall. Geez and phew!

Motherfucking Mega PHEW!!!!!

The upside of my radical spazoidness? My house is much tidier now, thanks!

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