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Thursday, March 23, 2017


Wanna know a great way to rid the house of shit tons of unnecessary paperwork? Do your taxes.

I spent more time looking for receipts and shit  than doing the actual tax prep paperwork. How's that? While I'd a good idea where all the necessary bits and pieces were (I DO SO have a filing system...of sorts) it just took some, not insignificant, effort to plow through all the crap. Ya know, I’ve got a pile of papers labeled health crap – somewhere in all those AARP ads, magic BUY NOW hearing aid offers and print outs from my last dozen medic appointments is the 'script money list from 2016 and my1095-B.

Also too, WHERE did I put 2016's check registry?

Dropped off the paperwork to the accountants yesterday morning and feel like a giant weight's off my head. Ok, I'm also happy as hell to see a somewhat cleaner house. As I do every year, I'm planning to redo/update my filing cabinet so all that's in there is what I'll need for 2017 taxes. Ya see, I wanna get back to how I used to do my taxes – the minute I got all the necessary shit in the mail, I sat down did the math, submitted it and BOOM had my refunds before March.

Organized, I can DO organized. Oh yes I can!
Christina's World – Andrew Wyeth
Rocco's World
The next way to get a cleaner/less grungy house is to have a sick cat. Yes, my poor dear Rocco remains, ultra sadly, on the DL. He had a couple less bad days but none recently. I'm afraid of what the mobile vet, who'll be here Friday morning, will say. Considering how alert he is, that he's eating and using his litter boxes (though sometimes doesn't quite make it), he prolly isn't in for the Big Sleep just yet. That he's now, not able to use his back legs at all, doesn't fill me with mega loads of hope though. There needs to be a magic fucking pill to make him all better! Also too, it should taste like haddock – he likes haddock.  He gets a baked filet for dinner every night now.

Back to how my house is getting clean due to my boy's illin' – I'm mopping and sweeping a LOT these last few days. It's that whole not quite making it into the box thing. *sigh* my poor old kitten.

Another weird thing, (besides the clean floors), with Rocco being lame there's no wake up call. Yes, yez, I’ve kvetched about his 2AM I’m-not-hungry-or-anything-just-thought-we-could-mebbe-have-a-nice-chat-about-dunno-kibble wake up calls. I’m used to having him in the bed with me, feeling his heavy feets trampling over me at hideously early hours, me begging him for just five more minutes.

I miss my feline disrupted sleep.

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