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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Still Bleeding

It's not even 9AM and I think I need a glass 'o' the grape already.

In the midst of our current horror-show political landscape, it seems the BernieBros are right back at it – crying about Hillary being mean and crooked and Sanders is a saint who TOTALLY would’ve won against Trump.

This is helpful to the Resistance…..HOW?!

MAYBE Sanders coulda won but, since he lost the primary, we’ll never know, now will we? These folks, to my mind, lack a firm grasp on what the Left was and is up against. BOTH the House and Senate remained in the Republican camp. That's a biggie, chums. Would a President Sanders have been able to get the “right” to change their nasty-ass ways? Would they’ve eschewed their dangerous, callous, rapacious voting habits for a Prez Sanders? Would they have embraced decency and gotten their Kum Ba Ya on for him?

Kinda really doubt it but, ya know, we’ll never know.
How’s ‘bout we focus on the here and now. IF we can get rid of the Criminal in Chief – well, yea us but then we’ve got to work on the rest of the racist, on-the-take, dimwitted (why, heLO Dense Pence!) misogynistic, tiny dicked fuckwads.

Make no mistake mes ami, the “right” WANTS a dictator, they want to BE the dictator’s water carriers and right hand men. That’s where, I’m certain, they feel the money’s at and that’s all they care about. That and putting a firm jackboot to the necks of us blacks, browns, women, poors, olds, gays, disableds and whoever else they judge as different, unworthy or just plain rube-ish.

IF Republicans ditch the Mango Douche, it’s only because he’s become too obscenely obvious and proudly bellicose in his criminality. The Republicans think of themselves as smooth, stealth, likable overlords and, they may come to feel, Trumplethinskin's crossed their line. Will they ever reach that point though? Seems doubtful – he's still more of a convenient distraction and not yet a big enough negative to their vile machinations.

Maybe soon though, huh? Clumsy, traceable treason MIGHT be something they can't fully ignore.

But, but Bernie woulda won hands down and we’d have free college and Medicare for all RIGHT NOW if only…if only…Yeah, yeah, Trump being prez is ALL Hillary and the Dem establishment's fault because.....because you've got romantic, utopian dreams and Bernie is the embodiment of them. Gotcha. You may've noticed that the U.S. is a smidge bigger and more diverse than oh...say...Denmark.

Back to our reality though – we need to turn both the House AND Senate. It’s not just the White House that needs to be captured. Who's up for reelection in 2018? The GOP's defending just eight senate seats to 23 for the Dems. Can we all support and work towards getting some solidly liberal, real candidates elected?

ALSO, I only mention it (this is via my pal Jenny and I wholeheartedly agree!):
Daily Action: Tell your senators to postpone Gorsuch hearings until the FBI has completed its Russia-Trump investigation. (844) 241 1141
Obvs I've not reached Placidityville yet. Workin' on it though!

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