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Friday, March 24, 2017

The BIG Day

Dr. Keith, the mobile vet, will be here at 11 to have a look at my sweet feral boy.

How’s he doin’? Our Rocco’s alert and even purred a little yesterday. He ate well too but his litter box remains poop and pee free this morning. Can’t be a good sign. I am SO damn scared.

Coco is blissfully unaware that Death may too soon be paying our wee casa a visit. She and Rocco have never been chums – passive aggressive adversaries is more like it. If he goes on the Dearly Departed list she WILL notice and mourn in her own zoomy way though.

In the healthcare world outside Valhalla, 45 is reportedly having a sad that he backed the Republican Death to All Peasants Plan before pushing for tax reform.
The Times reports Trump did not realize when he agreed to the agenda late last year just how intense of a fight healthcare would be until this week, following harsh criticism and Congressional Budget Office estimates that showed millions more would be uninsured.

This realization has led him to pine about the tax cut plan he should've pursued instead. (source)
Yeah, like Trump/RyanCare wasn’t just a big fucking tax cut plan for the wealthiest of Americans anyway.

There’s just no good bloody news today. At least not yet. Who knows, maybe Dr. Keith will have something hopeful in her bag ‘o’ medico tricks. Maybe Ryan and his crew of fellow granny starvers will fail in decimating the flawed but tremendous ACA. Possibly I"ll lose 20 pounds due to needless worry by 11AM when Dr. Keith arrives, looks at my boy and says OH, his framahoosits is just out of alignment. This sparkly magic pill will have him right as rain by dinner time. HEY, that could so happen...right? RIGHT?!!


  1. I'll be thinking of you, and Rocco, today. XO

    1. Good luck! He might need an x-ray though I'm thinking, before they can be sure what it is.

    2. Oof. That means getting him outta my bedroom and into a vet hospital. Maybe today's vet has kitty valium.