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Monday, March 6, 2017

Urlaub Enden

The first time I was in Berlin, billions of years ago when the earth was still cooling and the Wall had just come down, I was suffering from a much deserved killah hangover. I’d been in Krakow the previous week going on stone sodden Polish vodka binges (na zdrowie!) with a few Australians. Lesson learned? NEVER try to out drink a Pole or keep up with an Aussie! At dawn after a painful overnight ride, in a train car that looked like it just stepped out of a very creepy film noir flick, I stumbled into Zoo Station. I was in absolutely no shape to handle a big city.

Yes, I did wander around – caught a cool flea market in Kreuzberg, saw some awesome art (George Grosz retrospective! The Pergamon Museum!), chilled in a coupla fab, atmospheric cafes, walked along parts of the rubble – all that was left of the Wall. BUT that hangover really colored the visit for me. In that state, Berlin was far too big – like L.A. by way of Chicago and NYC but MUCH BIGGER and, seemingly, unfriendly and unknowable. Stromness or Portree would've been just the thing. You know, more sheep/fewer peoples and everywhere is WAY walkable.

I didn't think I'd ever return to Berlin

In this recent, third holiday to Wonderburg (my second was when I met my cousin for the very first time since childhood) visiting with Della and her husband, who grew up here makes everything an entirely different experience. I’m now madly in love with Berlin. It’s a beautiful, diverse, calmly exciting town and it's jampacked with fascinating history.Yes, it's still gigantic BUT it feels far more grok-able now.

Yesterday we went to a great flea market and damn, there were fabola coats, china, books, jewelry and fabrics. I wish I could've taken half the place home! (Obvs I need a bigger rucksack) Afterwards, we set out for the Spy Museum (!!!). On the way there we had coffees in the spectacularly futuaristic Sony Center. It’s like being in some P.K. Dick-esque sci fi flick.

I also got to see, in Potzdamer Platz, some standing stone-esque remnants of the old wall. Chilling. After the museum (coolly creepy and very interesting) we went back to Schöneberg  for a tasty as all hell Viet Namese lunchy and then home for naps, packing and Martin’s brill pizza for din din.

I can’t believe the vaca’s over already. Mind you, I miss home – Jen, Oni, Rocco and my little princess Coco. It’ll be mondo fab to see my ocean again. Of course.

I gotta come back soon though – next Spring I think.


  1. Sounds heavenly, Donna. You've certainly had an interesting journey in life.

    1. Thank you! And yes, this has certainly been a fascinating journey.

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    1. Done Antonia. Thanks for the heads up!