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Friday, April 7, 2017

Sometimes a Sick Day is Necessary

...whether I'm illin' or not. Yesterday, I was not. Nope, not at all. Here in Valhalla though, it rained AGAIN. OOF! We’ve had a paltry nine days of sun out of the last 31. Oppressive is what this is. So, I decided to stay inside – no Y, no errands no nothin.’ I called it a sick day.

April showers/May flowers and all that. I know, I know. Sun though, don’t seedlings need some damn sun too?!
What's the hardest (possibly, I mean most annoying) part of working freelance? I go full tilt for months – working while on holiday, on Sunday mornings (when every other self respecting human's nursing a fine hangover after a rockin’ Saturday night), waking at two am because I just HAVE to give those posters a final tweak before they go out on what will, hopefully be the final proof. Then, all the big projects get completed and ZAM – nothing new and big comes in. All of a sudden I‘m footloose and fancyfree.

I've been dreaming about empty days – having time to paint, reorganize closets, start that new mural on the living room wall, hit the gym at whenever o'clock, maybe even take myself to a matinee (Ghost in the Shell – I wanna see this!).

I can now do all those dreamt of things but...but I was in a stone rhythm. Switching gears doesn’t happen smoothly, instantly.

It’s hard to shift on a dime from being other directed to self directed. Better grab it while I can.
Think before you speak – Coco is listening!
"Running away like a little girl" this phrase was used to describe Paul Ryan's flight response to a journo who asked him a reasonable, not softball question. The dude also put up a big colorful post saying "Paul Ryan's a little girl! Ha ha ha ha etc."

A woman, an author, was incensed and called him out. Why is being “a little girl" equated with being scraredy cat chicken shit? Being a little girl = fearful and timid? Huh. Somehow Aung San Suu Kyi, Eleanor Roosevelt, Angela Merkel and, yes, Hillary Clinton never got that message.

On being chastised run-away-like-a-girl boy responded, saying that he took part in the women's march. Yea you brother BUT give your choice of words some consideration. THINK before opening your yap. Words have meaning and weight. I’ll bet he didn’t expect a published author, someone who's paid to think and express thoughts and ideas in writing, to call him on his ingrained from birth, thoughtless sexism.

Sadly, there was much defensiveness on both sides of the argument (smart me stayed out of it). Yeah, the guy obvs made a fat oopsie. He’s probably never thought about shit like this before. Never had too.

This could've been a Schoolhouse Rockable moment but instead, two people who, I’ll bet, agree on way more than they don't were in snarling enemy camps.

Given the devastation which Trump and his merry band of Republican asswipes are wreaking every damn day, we’re all wound pretty tight. This is the time (rilly, it’s ALWAYS the time) to think before texting, speaking, Facebooking or tweeting.

If we on the Left make any progress at all it will be entirely despite ourselves.


  1. I can highly recommend Ghost in the Shell (in case you're interested, I reviewed it this week).

    1. THANK YOU!!! Now I'm even more revved up to see it. Also, I totally agree – Blade Runner was, quite possibly, the greatest.