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Saturday, April 8, 2017

Bomb Happy

That airbase we bombed? Yes, WE. It was the president of our damn country who ordered the strike so we ALL bear responsibility for the dead.

Trump’s dramatically inefficient bombing was supposedly in retaliation for the Syrian government’s murder of Muslim children. Yeah, I’m supposed to believe that, all of a sudden, Mister Muslim Ban cares about Muslim people? Nota bene: I ain't no sucker and yesterday was NOT my birthday.

The dog is being seriously wagged here.

Former soldier and Medal of Honor recipient Gary Wetzel writing at Foxtrot Alpha notes that:
make no mistake that this is a political move, not a decisive military one. Tomahawks are not the ideal weapon to do long-term damage to an airfield runway, like the one that launched the planes implicated in the chemical attack.
When you want to do nothing, but look like you are doing something, send a Tomahawk—or 59.
At $1.59 million a piece, the attack cost the Defense Department $93,810,000.  Gosh, that’s a lot of Meals on Wheels right there, in’it?

Two jets took off from that bombed-but-fine runway yesterday. But, HEY, we really stomped the shit outta that ONE aircraft shelter! Heck of a job, Trumpie!

Trump tweets in 2013 when Obama was the Man
We’ve got our first, seriously, mentally ill president (think of how that’ll inspire mentally kids across our once great nation – they can grow up to be president too!). Oh wait, I’m forgetting Raygun's shaky psyche. Maybe he was just dimwitted and easily manipulated – not crazy? For as stupid and not all there as he was though, Raygun was seen by a majority of Americans as likable. Trump? NOPE! I don't think he can start enough wars to guarantee a second term.

Will he make it through four years though? That's up to the morally debased, craven, rapacious asswipes of the Republican party. Us too – can we get enough people out to vote in 2018? Can we put aside internal squabbles and unicorn purity bullshit and turn the House and Senate blue?

Betty Cracker at Balloon Juice framed things perfectly:
But leaving aside questions of whether this bombing was hatched to knock the Russia story off the front page, pump up Trump’s flaccid poll numbers, give Trump an excuse to lift sanctions on Russia after a tough-guy display, etc., consider how the coverage must play in his diseased mind.
One of the things that makes narcissism so destructive is that the sweet, sweet ego hit the afflicted receives from admiration is irresistible. Like a meth head scouring a squalid slum in search of another bump, Trump will feel compelled to return again and again to any source that alleviates his soul-annihilating insecurity with an ego boost, consequences be damned. And if the richest vein of the ego-boosting narcotic is found in bombing shit, FSM help us. (source)
Will we make it through even four years of this mega capricious, reality eschewing, ME-ME-ME beserker's greedheaded ego stroking?


  1. Will we make it through even four years

    I doubt it will even be four months. Even the Republicans in Congress wish they could get rid of him (last two paragraphs). If the investigations into the Russian connection turn up collusion, they'll impeach him -- and if not, they'll find other grounds.

    Then, of course, we get Ayatollah Pence. An all-out push in 2018 will still be necessary.

    1. I can def see Republicans throwing him under the bus but only if it looks like they won't glide into reelection in '18. I think they won't do anything about the Russian connection unless there's a hot smoking, just fired gun (or pics of Trump in bed and actually raping a 12 boy. They wouldn't blink an eye over a 12 year old girl).

      As for Dense Pence, yeah, he's dangerous as hell but the G(grotesque)OP surely see him as malleable, therefore, preferable.