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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Found Objects

Looking in the fridge yesterday – desperately searching for a cupcake or ANY odd sweet (calorie counting – yes, it’s getting to me) I discovered more than a few odd bits.
  • A liter of coke. I don’t drink soda.
  • A bottle of catsup and a squeezer of mustard. I’m a soy and hot sauce kind of a gal.
  • Six sticks of margarine. I don’t bake and tinned soups (my staple along with seaweed crackers) don’t require it.
  • A dozen bottles of Ensure. I’ve no trouble AT ALL keeping my weight up and my diet’s already molto balanced.
  • Pie crusts? Again, I don’t bake.
  • Two jars of strawberry preserves. I get it, those go on toast. I don’t eat bread.
‘the fuck? Has someone broken into my home to fill my fridge (and doesn’t know that I don’t eat/drink this shit OR cook)? Then I found the maple syrup. OOOOOOOOOH! The Amazing Bob put those on his pancakes. Yup, all this food’s been sitting, expiring in my little used fridge for nearly a year now.

Betcha can’t guess what today’s big project is. Time to tidy and scrub the hell outta this sucker.

I thought I’d cleaned out the kitchen shortly after my beautiful man shuffled off to the Elysian Fields. Cookies, Frosted Mini Wheats, pasta, white rice, frozen salmon filets, lunch meats – it was all given away or binned. Somehow, I overlooked a vast swath of comestibles. For nearly an entire year they were invisible to me. Maybe I actually did lamp ‘em but couldn’t toss just in case, ya know, TAB magically reappeared.

That could totally happen, right…RIGHT?! *giant mega mondo sigh*

I need to get back into his study too – so much redding up still needs to happen. I did a lot in the first months but had to stop – too heinously, motherfucking painful. Contacting the library to see if they’ll take all his jazz CDs is on tap for today. Also, there are clothes to be donated to the local shelter, unneeded papers in need of a recycling bin and a few books will go into my sell-to-the-used-bookstore pile.

In 49 short days it’ll be one full year since that horrific, no-good day. I still can't believe he's gone. NO FUCKING FAIR!!!

Naturally, I’m trying to come up with something distracting, maybe even fun (is that possible?) to do on the anniversary of my beloved’s exit stage left. On my own I’d probably just lay in bed sobbing – only coming downstairs to eat entire Saint Fratelli’s cakes, chased with bottles of Jamo. Not too healthy. Ya know?

One thought – Jen, Oni and I might hit the road. We'll drive out west (Western Mass. that is) to South Lee. We'll visit the Saint Francis Gallery (wonderful eclectic joint in an ex church). Maybe hit the Rockwell Museum too. Love that place and they seem to always have interesting shows.

Coming up?
Inventing America: Rockwell and Warhol
Inventing America: Rockwell and Warhol is the first exhibition linking Norman Rockwell and Andy Warhol, two iconic visual communicators who embraced populism, shaped national identity, and opened new ways of seeing in twentieth century America.
James Warhola: Uncle Andy and Other Stories A wonderful children’s book illustrator and Warhol nephew. Should be interesting.

Maybe on our way home we can swing through Northampton for a visit to the awesome R. Michelson Gallery. MORE fabola children’s book art PLUS.

I need a plan, a balm, a psychedelic, an escape from the pain on that big fat day. Today though, I clean.

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