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Thursday, June 15, 2017

The Rage Grows

Apparently, on being clued in to the contents of the obscene Republican “health care plan," 45 said it was “mean, mean, mean” and told them to come up with something “more generous.”

Republicans are reportedly angry with him for, not so terribly discreet-like, whacking their noses with a rolled up newspaper. After all, they thought they were doing him a solid by voting for this draconian barbarity. Possibly they feel set up? Ya know, made to look like bad guys so he looks like the hero — the big, benevolent, man-of-the-people daddy prez. //snort//

That they’re pissed with him, is great — infighting, discord can only help us. Twenty-four million of us stand to lose our health insurance if the Republicans get their way. How many of us, our friends and fam will die because because we don't qualify (pesky pre-existing conditions) or can't afford coverage? Still, with this knowledge, the bulk of the GOP will vote to make this savagely coldhearted plan law.

When will we know the dates of our deaths?

If this travesty, this insanity passes, my cousin Gary will likely be dead within the year. My DoD (date of death)? Dunno. I have Nf2, with care I could possibly live another 20 years. Sans care, I might well croak next year. Same with my little sister. This shit's not abstract for me – it's very big-screen, technicolor real. Call your congresscritters today – tell 'em this shit's wrong, fucked up and an up-vote is a down-vote for their careers.

But hey, let's all focus on that gunman!

Gotta ask -- why is it that Timothy McVeigh, Jared Loughner, John Patrick Bedell, James Von Brunn, Anders Behring Breivik and Daniel Cowart (as well as any of the folks noted here) are just lone nut cases? Gee, why is that ya think? Their resemblance to Trump's base is TOTALLY coincidental – right?! James T. Hodgkinson III though – according to Clownstick Jr. and Deadbeat Dad and Professional Firestarter Joe Walsh, the man's indicative of the entire Resistance. Yeah, all of us.  

Way to fan the flames of civil war you disgusting piles of shortsighted, rancid rat feces!!!

Just a wee FYI – Scalise’s the author of the Firearms Interstate Commerce Reform Act . This baby made it way easier to sell guns across state lines. And, as the Rude one noted, Scalise’s been a big, proud NRA cheerleader and has an A+ rating from them.

The shooter, Hodgkinson, was a violent, crazy, rage-monkey with an arrest record. He was able to buy a gun though. Scalise and the rest of his party (cult) voted for his right to have ‘em. 

The Cool, Cool River – Paul Simon


  1. I call Senator Collins every day about health insurance. (Senator King is already on the side of the angels.) Some days i stop by her office with a letter detailing how the loss of the ACA would affect me and my family.

    The shooting in Alexandria was of course horrific, as was the one at the San Francisco UPS. So many shootings! Our hearts are broken but the Resistance is not.

    1. You are AWESOME Lori! Thank you.

  2. I'm in Texas and my Senators are sort of lost causes, but they hear from me.

    I have worked with low income people with HIV for my entire career, and Texas has already done whatever it could to limit their access to health care (and everything else), but ending the ACA would hurt additional people. Years ago, the guy who headed up a county department administering our Ryan White Care Act grant told us that the Obama HHS was working "24/7 to guarantee that this law couldn't just be repealed and removed" - it was being woven into the fabric of the American health care system.

    I hope so.

    1. Wow, I hope so too.

      You're doing superhero level work, man. Thank you.