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Saturday, July 22, 2017

BIG Red Flag

Could the Orange Crime Boss scream I’M GUILTY of SOMETHING!!!! any more clearly?

The Degenerate Mango Blowhard has been asking his advisors and lawyers about his pardoning abilities. He wants to know if he can ixnay proven charges against his aides, family and, yes, even himself. Ya know, just curious and shit.

Now that there’s a solid chance Mueller’s gonna start looking into his pocketbook, fat boy’s PISSED!
He's told aides he was especially disturbed after learning Mueller would be able to access several years of his tax returns. (source)
He’s worked bloody hard at keeping those returns away from the public eye . WHAT is he hiding? So far his, seemingly endless, excuses have included:
“I’m being audited … so I can’t.”
According to the IRS nothing “prevents individuals from sharing their own tax information.” Hell's bells, EVEN Tricky Dick Nixon released his returns WHILE he was being audited!
“There’s nothing to learn from them.” 
Then why work so damn hard at hiding them?

He says his tax rate is “none of your business.” ??? You’re the fucking president. We pay your salary. Every damn thing you do, including what you had for breakfast and who you're now sexually harassing, is our business.
“I don’t think anybody cares.”
WRONGO you pathetically dimwitted blunderbuss!

Manafort, Cheeto Hitler’s former campaign chairman sez we “wouldn’t understand them.” Huh, I betcha there’re a whole bunch of awesome accountants and other assorted pro money people who will. In fact, I know at least three. BZZZZZT. Miserably feeble plea – try again.

Hi Dad – I'm in jail
Manafort has also claimed that the only people who want them “are the people who want to defeat him.” Interesting. So, if he’s hiding a whole lot of illegal shenanigans in there, they should stay hidden because Hannity and the rest of the Church of Trump dunderheads feel the Grifter in Chief is…what? Trustworthy? A swell fella? Rich so that means he's smart and talented? //snort// Yeah, he should be in charge of the biggest economy in the world because all his fervid fans think he’s AOK.

Back at 45 waving a super sized carrot hued I’M GUILTY OF SOMETHING flag – he’s also got his team of slime coated revenants digging for any sign of dirt (conflict of interest) on Mueller’s investigators.

Steve M. of Crooks and Liars and No More Mister Nice Blog asks WHY HASN'T TRUMP FIRED MUELLER ALREADY?
Maybe advisers he trusts have exaggerated the risk that Republicans in Congress will turn on him, and he believes them. That's the most likely explanation.

And maybe he's enjoying the battle. In his New York Times interview this week, Trump said that if the Mueller probe expanded beyond Russia and the election, that would cross a line for Trump.
Whatever the reason, I do dearly wish the Republican party would, for fucking once, do their taxpayer paid jobs, put country before party, before their corporate master’s wishes and impeach the vile, narcissistic, slavering Putin prossy.
Oh look – a palate cleanser!


  1. I'm not saying they're covering something up. I'm just saying that they're acting in exactly the way people would be acting if theyw ere trying to cover something up.

    "No, no, don't investigate my neighbor's house fire! Stop! You don't have to investigate it because I had nothing to do with it!"

    His taxes are going to end up being made public. That's how the world works.