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Friday, July 7, 2017

HEY, It’s Friday!

 I said that I wasn’t gonna read the news this week and, mostly, I haven’t. Back when Kevin was alive, I relied on him for reports, the skinny, the word. Yup, I was a very delicate fluffy kitten and just couldn’t handle the scary insanity. After he died (the anniversary of his death was June 11th. Yes, now that you mention it, I AM starting to really hate the late spring/early summer season) I began paying more attention to what was happening outside my own immediate world.

The government would be nothing but a très amusant little sideshow IF I was some wealthy, healthy, anesthetized dimwit like Ivanka or Ms. Sarandon or McCain’s tweeting spawn. Ya know, if I could sit in an high ivory tower, spectacularly insulated from all the slimy, stabby realities, life would be nothing more than an ever spinning Law & Order ep. Pass the popcorn, eh?

The Combover Con is now allowing that, YES, Russia meddled in our election BUT
President Donald Trump said Thursday that he thinks Russia was behind 2016 election meddling, but added that he feels "it could have been other people in other countries" and that "nobody really knows for sure.” (source)
Note how he sidesteps the kinda, sorta RILLY important fact that his worker bees AND family worked with the Russians to get him the big Oval Office gig,

I realized this is a big gee-duh-REALLY-Donna statement but – the man has absolutely ZILCHO self awareness. He seems stunned that, instead of being hailed as a brill successful businessman and now LEADER OF THE FREE WORLD™, he’s met with mockery. His constant lies are promptly exposed and publicized and, oh yeah, we're dissin' him on the regular.  
But….but I’m white, rich and I’m KING now! 
It’s like he really doesn’t know that he’s nothing but a mouse-brained, blustering, trust funding, carnival grifter on steroids.

AND as long as we’re talking about the brutally callous, greedheaded, on-the-take, tax payer paid THEORETICAL public servants – looky, looky here at who’s making bank on legislation that’ll lead to the pain and deaths of millions of citizens.
Rep. Mike Conaway, a Texas Republican and member of Speaker Paul Ryan’s leadership team, added a health insurance company to his portfolio.
Health industry stocks, including insurance giants like UnitedHealth, have surged as Republicans move forward with their repeal effort, which rolls back broad taxes on health care firms while loosening consumer regulations which prevent insurance companies from denying coverage for medical treatment
Republican Sen. James Inhofe of Oklahoma purchased between $50,000 to $100,000 in UnitedHealth stock. (source)
 Can you say Insider Trading? Sure ya can!

I’m curious, have any of these rapacious turkey fuckers checked out the long view? If they succeed in taking away affordable health insurance, how many folks will be left who can afford UnitedHealth’s inflated premiums? If fewer and fewer of us can pony up the dosh for health care, it stands to reason, a lot of us peasants are gonna die. Won’t stock values then plummet? And have they considered this? If so many of us low wagers croak because we can't manage the monthly insurance vig:
       Who’s gonna clean Conaway’s toilets?
       Who’ll cook Inhofe’s dinners?
       Will there be any servant types left to put the Grannystarver's ball cap on so of-the-people backwards for him?
       Will there be anyone left to craft The Astoundingly Corrupt Turtle Boy's beloved Manhattans?

Just curious and shit.

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