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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

I wanna know WHY!

On a post over at No More Mister Nice Blog commenter Arundel remarked:
Hey, just a thought. Why haven't headlines been screaming across the land, "REPUBLICANS TRIED TO WIPE OUT HEALTH INSURANCE FOR 20 MILLION LOWER-INCOME AMERICANS AND FAILED." Why isn't this the story, this massive hit-job by Republicans on ordinary non-rich citizens? 
We're all like, "Whoo, that was close! I guess McCain is a hero again?” But:
WHY was it so close again?
WHY is the destruction of Obamacare and health care for the poor and middle class just accepted as part of a political game?
 WHY is it acceptable in our society to doom people to impoverishment and no access to health care?

Because this nasty option is treated like a a normal outcome – if the vote went the other way our media would shrug. I just want to point out what a shitty, cheap, mean, miserly, nasty country we really are when Republicans run things. We're a horror movie, we are Third World dysfunction and poverty and in desperate need of the regular medical care that every other country has figured out.

We have to sacrifice to the great Insurance Gods – there apparently are no other Gods before them.

The Republican Party, aside from two brave women senators and showboating McCain, voted overwhelmingly to murder affordable health insurance for ordinary Americans. Why is this not a SCANDAL? Was there ever a more vicious and hostile bill to ordinary Americans' well being and health? ALL Republicans except three voted to fuck Americans over and deprive them of their health care or make it unaffordable. Forty-nine of them voted that Americans who want affordable health care can eat shit and die. Why isn't THAT a gigantic scandal? Why is THAT considered normal?

The GOP is a death cult and, at this point, they are anti-American and anti-human. Wish our media could wake up to this FACT.
My hero Krugthulu pointed this rancid bit out:
Senator Lindsey Graham was entirely correct when he described the final effort at repeal as “terrible policy and horrible politics,” a “disaster” and a “fraud.” He voted for it anyway and so did 48 of his colleagues. (source)
They knew it would toss 16-32 MILLION people off health care. They KNEW that those of us (ME!) with nasty-ass preexisting conditions wouldn’t be able to get or afford a plan. They were well aware they’d be holding the bag for our deaths but 49 of them DID NOT CARE.

Who are these callous, coldhearted, rabid reptilian brained death merchants? Gee, glad you asked:
Alabama: Richard C. Shelby and Luther Strange
Alaska: Dan Sullivan
Arkansas: Tom Cotton and John Boozman
Arizona: Jeff Flake
Colorado: Cory Gardner
Florida: Marco Rubio
Georgia: Johnny Isakson and David Perdue
Idaho: Michael D. Crapo and Jim Risch
Indiana: Todd Young
Iowa: Joni Ernst and Charles E. Grassley
Kansas: Jerry Moran and Pat Roberts
Kentucky: Mitch McConnell and Rand Paul
Louisiana: Bill Cassidy and John Kennedy
Mississippi: Thad Cochran and Roger Wicker
Missouri: Roy Blunt
Montana: Steve Daines
Nebraska: Deb Fischer and Ben Sasse
Nevada: Dean Heller
North Carolina: Richard M. Burr and Thom Tillis
North Dakota: John Hoeven
Pennsylvania: Patrick J. Toomey
Ohio: Rob Portman
Oklahoma: James M. Inhofe and James Lankford
South Carolina: Lindsey Graham and Tim Scott
South Dakota: Michael Rounds and John Thune
Tennessee : Lamar Alexander and Bob Corker
Texas: John Cornyn and Ted Cruz
Utah: Orrin G. Hatch and Mike Lee
West Virginia: Shelley Moore Capito
Wisconsin: Ron Johnson
Wyoming: John Barrasso and Michael B. Enzi
Let’s vote these miserable examples of humanity, these zombie brained, dimwitted, lying sacks of shit OUT!

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