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Thursday, October 19, 2017

Under Pressure

It’s another Thursday morning where, when I first woke, I was positive it was Friday. Between MGH Land, tussling with my health insurance and a heavy workload, it’s been a long bloody week already.

BUT, while battling all the stress monsters, I’ve sparked a couple good, possibly outstanding, things to combat my rabid pressure levels.

There’s the Resiliency Training study that I mentioned yesterday. I still need to offload files from my computer so’s I can download the software for this but then I should be all set to begin.
An aside – why, oh WHY, can’t computers have endless capacity? Yes, there’s loads that I can delete or store on thumb drives but this requires being organized – NOT one of my superpowers.
Maybe more bettah than the group, I met with a wonderful aquatics instructor at the Y yesterday. I asked her – do you think, as a balance challenged deafie, I could take an H2O aerobics class and actually follow what’s happening/participate/get something out of it.

Oh yeah! We had a great chat. She teaches a water Thai Chi class which she feels would be primo for me. This’d help me with my balance (like PT only not clinical!) and mebbe it'll help me slow down and just BE. Also, she does something called “Core Class Challenge” which is about strengthening. I didn’t really understand more than that but getting stronger is always a good thing. So then, Tuesday’s the next Thai Chi class and Wednesday’s the next Core class. I’m in!

Another awesome thing – these classes are FREE with my Y membership. Wow! I’ll never be a hard body – why? CAKE, that’s why. And shut up, cake is therapeutic. IS TOO! – but I will be in better physical and mental health.

Afterward, I motored over to Manet Community Healh Center where the fabola Ken Moore’s been helping me sort out my insurance hassles.  He made phone calls, did some investigation and found out that this latest, wicked scary you-no-longer-qualify-for our-glorious-coverage letter was an error. I DO qualify and AM covered. Yea!

To cap off my big, I-accomplished-SO-DAMN-MUCH day, I took myself to Sparkle Boys for a late lunch/très early din-din. Yeah, Pinot Noir and popcorn is the perfect way to close a coupla hard days.


  1. Water Tai is awesome. A few pushups, few pullups, couple laps, you'll be surprised how good it makes you feel.

    As good as eating cake 😎

    1. Cool, thanks! (though I'm not sure I believe you re: cake :)