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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Cats and Crazy

Coco woke me early this morning. She was very subtle about it…for her. She climbed onto my hip as I lay on my side and then amped up the gravity to Jupiter levels. I only mention it but, I could give my weight loss efforts a real jump if I moved to Mercury or Mars.

Hmmm, there’s an idea! Obvs I need to reread The Martian Chronicles to study up for this endeavor. Or maybe just look through some Calvin and Hobbes comics, eh?

Why was my precious princess all “get the fuck up NOW” at 3:30? LURV, my kitten needed lots of chin skritches and pats. Yes, I live to serve.
After waking her human, molto early,
Coco retires to her cozy aerie for a much needed rest

On the outdoor front, it looks like Ghost Cat’s gone for good. This, of course, gives me a solid sad. Umlaut however, is now here on the regular. No pics yet. He (possibly she) is a gorgeous black short hair who isn’t quite as shy as GC. I’m hoping Um-Baby gets inside curious before the first snow. It’d have to be Jen and Oni’s crib, not mine though. Coco is happy as a high tide clam about her only child status. Also too, after being a three cat home, J&O are running a two cat deficit.

Just a heads up – now that the weather's finally chilled out, it's hot toddy season. Jen makes THE best toddy. Just thought you should know.

Word for the day:
:a combination of contradictory or incongruous words (such as cruel kindness)
:something (such as a concept) that is made up of contradictory or incongruous elements
Conservative Christian Morality – that’s the biggest oxymoron I can think of.

Over at The Daily Banter, Ben Cohen shreds one of the head hypocrites.
The entire basis for Fox News host Sean Hannity's existence is the moral superiority he has assigned himself by virtue of his religion and political affiliation. Hannity has spent decades hammering liberals for their godless depravity, extolling the moral virtues of the Christian deity, Republicanism, and free market capitalism.

However, if you look at Hannity's record on moral issues, one thing becomes abundantly clear: he'll forgive all sins if you are a Republican, no matter how appalling they are.
He goes on to list some of Hannity’s more heinous, bullshit spewings. If you're up for a bout of rage induced indigestion, well, go read. Why does this man have a televised podium? Oh yeah, the Fairness Doctrine is dead.

And then there’s the priapic child molester and soldier of GOD™, Roy Moore:
the latest: a (fifth) woman named Beverly Young Nelson today accused Moore of sexually assaulting her when she was 16 and he was in his thirties, and both The New Yorker and the Alabama news site are reporting that Moore was known to prowl a local shopping mall in search of teenage girls around that time. (source)
He was BANNED FROM A MALL! This'd be hilarious if it was in a Kubrick flick, eh? Too bad this is reality. Will Alabamans elect this cretinous sicko to the senate?

Even that total fanboy of all things to the right of George Wallace, Ted Cruz, is beginning to step off the Moore pedophilic bandwagon. Just beginning to, mind you. The man hates to be hasty about his fellow reactionaries.

I think I need another hot toddy now.

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