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Thursday, December 7, 2017

I could totally live here

Oscar, the very calm, friendly, well mannered old pup.
The first day after one of those mega cramped sleepless overnight flights is generally spent in a big fog. Yes, I had a good nap after which Brenda and I hit the Conyngham Arms Hotel for a wonderful cozy lunch.

Vegetarian menu offerings in small town restaurants always surprise me and the Conygham Arms had three. Fabulous! I had some interesting stir fry and Brenda, the mushroom/leak risotto. Between the low-ceilinged, intimate and vaguely french atmosphere, the lovely food and service and the fact that they stock a brill Malbec (!!!), I figured I could happily move in.

I’ve this little fantasy of being one of those dreadfully old offbeat, characterful types (fresh out of some quaint mystery novel) who lives in a hotel. Ya know, the sort of utterly independent, happy fossil who dresses up in faded charms for lunch, calls everyone “kid” or “sweets,” tells funny, curious stories, is always seen with a glass ‘o’ the grape in hand but is never, ever drunk and has a least two ever-present cat companions. Oh wait – is this the character who, much like a Redshirt, is offed by chapter three? That won't work at all. OR is this the random quirky player, a dear chum of the otherwise iron backed gumshoe, who holds some key clue and proves the detective really has a soft, warm, open heart and mind? The final scene usually shows the two of them sharing a laugh and cozy tipple at her hotel.

I'll take option two and the Conyngham Arms is just the place for me and my magic eccentricities.

After lunch we hit the Slane Whiskey distillery located on the grounds of beguiling Slane Castle. The place is now used for BIG concerts (U2, the Stones, Dylan, Springsteen, REM, Queen, Bowie!!!), events (weddings and corporate crap) and is home to a high rent restaurant and, separately, Browne’s Bar which I MUST get to.

We didn’t have the full distillery tour but that was AOK by me. I thoroughly enjoyed all the vids which showed the joint's history. Rilly, I'm no whiskey geek – I don't need to know all about how it's made. I just like the taste. We hit the pub there (OF course) and had a snort. MEIN GOTT, this stuff is magnificently brill! It has a whisper of sharp blackberries about it. Need more. Dunno if this is available at home so OBVS I’ll be hitting the duty free on the way back.

And then we returned to Casa Rock where I met Brenda's awesome husband Goulwen. He's a chef. Jesus, my life is filled with high end hash slingers. Given that I cook so little and so very poorly I AM the luckiest woman on the planet. Truth!

I forget what's on for today but, I believe, we're hitting Brenda's gym where I'll get to swim laps – YEA! Laps are so wonderfully meditative. I could spend an entire vaca doing nothing but.

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