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Friday, December 8, 2017

Radical Changes at the Very Last Minute

Due to radically unforseen and incredibly annoying circumstance, I had to move on down the road yesterday. I’m still in Ireland and will be until my scheduled-months-ago flight leaves for home on Tuesday. I could’ve gone to the airport and said, plans have shifted – get me on the next flight home, NOW. I didn’t. That would’ve felt chickenhearted. Solo travel used to be my modus operandi, my preferred dealio. I’ve wanted to do that again, in no small part to prove that I can. I’m deaf and wobbly, not devoid of adventuring spirit.


I just didn’t expect my re-entry into Exploit World to be now, on this trip, no warning *BOOM* YOU is here. I thought I’d have time and space to plan shit. //snort// yeah right, like I ever plan ahead. This is actually exactly what I needed – to just leap, be dumped into the fray.

Right now I’m at an absolutely BRILL B&B in the countryside near Slane. College Hill House and Gardens is the name and I full force recommend it. Not only is the area abso-stunningly beauteous, the house itself (Georgian?) is amazing. I’d stay another night or four but:
A) need a walking stick to go on strolls across this amazing land. Didn’t think I’d be hiking so didn’t bring one.
B) Hiking? In THIS weather???? Are you fucking nuts? It’s snowing outside right now. SNOW! Also too, it’s windy as hell. Cold and struggling to stay upright – not two of my fave things.
There’s a small art gallery here and last night was the opening of artist Hannah Blake’s latest work (can't find a website and can't get at my camera pics at the mo). I only popped in to the festivities for a tick but it was well attended and the work competent, pleasant and a bit inspiring.

So then, this morning I’ll catch an 11:30 bus into Dublin. I’ve a centrally located hotel booked and have been plotting a gallery course. Cian McLoughlin, here I come!

Another great thing about this joint – the proprietors, the squire and squiress, are wonderful – not just warm and welcoming, they’re très droll.

When I first came in, I noticed the stunning pendant Eileen was wearing and told her so. She showed me that it was one of those that you pop open and put pics in. She allowed "it’s where I keep my cocaine". Hah! I laughed. She was being funny…I think. No rocks or dust fell out. No wee pictures either. Hmmmm.

Wonderful, very comfortable hosts!

Oh, while Brenda and I were wandering about some ancient site or other, I made a new friend. A cat, naturally. I believe he said his name is Liam but I may not have read his tiny lips quite right. //shrugs//

More pics (when I catch a signal) and tales tomorrow.

Growth is painful. Change is painful. But nothing is as painful as staying stuck somewhere you don't belong.
~ Mandy Hale


  1. Dinner immediately upon your return (after jet lag recovery, natch). That's a statement, not a question. Clearly you have tales to tell. So do I. Safe travels. See you soon