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Saturday, January 13, 2018

Who'll Stop the Rain

At 5AM it was 60 unbelievable degrees out! My very first thought was, oh yeah babies, I’m havin’ my coffee on Nantasket! I’ll take a long walk, snap some pics of pre-sunrise waves, say hello to my seagull crew and totally get my mellow on. Psyched! Problem. It’s raining. A LOT it’s raining. That means:
  • not enough light or contrast for decent, interesting pics.
  • sunrise will be dim and hidden behind King Kong-on-steroids cloudbanks.
  • If I went anyway, I’d get wet, cold and not so very mellow at all. 
Oh well, I’m sure we’ll have a warm not-rainy morning again someday. Maybe in late March. *sniff*

Meanwhile, our stale Cheeto Prez and his Republican party gave us a BIG Three Distractions Friday. They're working overtime at the shell game antics so's we don't see their votes and actions that’ll hurt us all so horribly.

Distractofier Uno:
His I’m-an-appallingly-sleazoid-shitheel-white-supremacist flag-waving shithole comment.
“There is no other word one can use but ‘racist,’ ” United Nations human rights spokesman Rupert Colville said at a briefing in Geneva. “You cannot dismiss entire countries and continents as ‘shitholes,’ whose entire populations, who are not white, are therefore not welcome.” (source)
I love (i.e., HATE) how Fox and 45s other xenophobic mouthpieces are rushing to defend him. They’re spewing watery loose-stooled anteater shit – it’s all about the Ignoramus in Chief using a bad word instead of the colossally ignorant, America hurting insult that he spoke. Who do they think’s gonna buy that junior high bombast? Their base, sure but they won’t convince anyone else with that shit.

Prez Shit for Brains welcomes Norwegians though. Huh. Wonder why that is. Oh yeah, most of ‘em are WHTE. Norwegians, however, aren't so into Trump/Republican America. OF FUCKING COURSE!

Distractofier Dos:
Yesterday afternoon the very conservative Wall Street Journal reported that the Orange Psycho Puff’s lawyer paid hush money to porn star Stephanie Clifford/Stormy Daniels so’s she wouldn’t reveal the hook up she had with that heinously vile cretin (shortly befor the election).
The snark is wonderfully strong with this one
He denies they bonked. She denies playing hiding the flaccid earthworm of ego-driven lurid lust with him. And yet:
Two sources at ABC News told CNN that Daniels was in touch with producers at ABC's "Good Morning America" in the fall of 2016 about a potential interview and was prepared to discuss Trump. The Daily Beast reported Friday that Daniels also had a tentative interview set up with them, but she backed out just days before the 2016 election. (source)
Gee, wonder what *cough* PAYOLA *cough* could have possibly been her reason for ixnaying the interviews. It’s a puzzler, in'nt?

Distractofier Tres:
Birth Tourism
Travel from one country to another for the purpose of giving birth in the second country, thereby endowing the newborn child with citizenship of the second country. (source)
Florida is hot, hot, HOT right now for birth tourism. It’s NOT, however, the usual Trump/Republican targets (ya know, folks with brown skin) who're coming over to drop sprogs. Nope, it’s Russians with buckos. (You shocked? Me neither.)
Roman Bokeria, the state director of the Florida Association of Realtors told NBC News that Trump-branded buildings in the Sunny Isles Beach area north of Miami are particularly popular with the Russian birth tourists and Russian immigrants. (source)
I guess this is an example of Putin’s forward thinking/planning. In future elections, he’ll just have his Miami born Russian citizens vote for the lightweight, pliant, imbecilic candidate du jour. As long as power-mad, greedheaded suckers exist, he’ll have no shortage of stooges.

Who'll Stop the Rain – John Fogerty with Bruce Springsteen and Robbie Robertson of The Band


  1. Old Timers 'round the pickle barrel talk everyday about all those newcomers coming here from shitholes like Alabama, Appalachia, Arkansas, the Carolinas. Florida, Georgia. Iowa. Mississippi, Nebraska. Texas.

    I remember when the hooker, ahhh ... innuendo arose. Chuckled.

    I watched though not a Bruce fan. Robbie Roberson, eyeah, and John Fogerty is one of those newcomers we long ago welcomed. Thing is, what I "hear" is the original, as haunting as it was in nineteen sixty-eight. Listen to it often ;)

  2. On my internal turntable, I can still "hear" the original. Yes – beautifully haunting.