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Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Good news!

Hi there all of you awesome Donna blog readers!

Donna's surgery went extremely well!  Her doctor was very pleased with the results and gave me some pretty detailed descriptions of his handy Work (which I wont repeat here cuz umm, my brain turned off after I heard the word SUCCESS.  At that point all I could hear was the roar of the crowd as the speakers blasted WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS!).  On one hand i was flattered that the good doctor assumed I would  understand what he was talking about, on the other hand GROSS!  :-)

Surgery was supposed to begin at noon, but was delayed; Donna started texting me from her gurney at that point. She sent a link to the Ramones song "I want to be sedated" which is still playing in my head (and yeh! why wasn't she floating down the River Bliss at that point???   sheesh!)  Eventually the texts stopped coming so I assumed she was under the knife BUT no.... another text came in two hours after surgery was supposed to begin, and my first thought was WHAT?  They allowed her to take her phone into surgery and she WOKE UP AFTER IT STARTED??? THE HORROR!!  Nope, she was still gurney bound, stalled at the starting line, making the most of it by asking every tech and nurse who darkened her doorway to share tidbits from their life stories.  Hehehehe! Of course!  :-)

Afterwards I was allowed to pop in to see Donna for a moment. She was snoring lightly and looked comfortable... I told her nurse that after her last back surgery Bob and I peaked in on her in the recovery room, and the first words out of her mouth were "don't forget to record Buffy (the Vampire Slayer).  :-)  This time it didn't look like Donna was going to wake-up so I turned to leave, but she must have sensed my presence and cracked open an eye.  I rushed back to her bedside (what would she want me to record???) and gave her the two thumbs up,  everything went GREAT!  She smiled, poked two fingers out from under the blankets and we gave each other a mini two fingered high five. PHEW!  What a champion  :-)

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