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Tuesday, November 13, 2018

It's SpineDay!

I feel pretty silly about being so nervous about today’s surgery. I mean, RILLY now, I’ll be in Hypnos’ chemical embrace for just four hours. Normally, for inpatient shit, I’m out for eight to 16 hours while the wizards work their resectional magic. Hells bells, four hours? That’s barely enough time to work up a solid rack of dreams! Ya know?

I don’t even have to show up until 10 AM. TEN! Shit, day’s half gone by then. Also, I gotta go a morning without coffee? I don’t mind missing brekkie but…no coffee?! That’s just flat out cruel. Hillel’s toting my carcass in. Given Boston traffic, we’ll leave at 8:30 – I do like to be on time for these slice ‘em ups. I believe I’ve got time to hit the gym before then. That could be a great scheme – unleash the yummy endorphins and distract my bean for an hour.

The worst, most jitters inspiring part of this whole procedure is the anticipation, the waiting. Couldn’t they just knock me out when I walk through the door? Nope – I gotta go through a bunch of annoying intake stuff. This involves LOADS of sitting around waiting for clerks, anesthesiologists, nurses and other assorted hospital types to do their thing. Hmmph!

CAN WE GET THIS DAMN SHOW ON THE ROAD ALREADY?! I know I’ve yelled this before while sitting in the damn johnny, twiddling my thumbs, impatient as fuck for the curtain to go up. I will TRY not to do that today.

Just so’s ya know, blogging will be, pretty much, non-existent for the next week. I was told that I couldn’t bring my laptop. 'the fuck!!!??? Jen, howevah, will be dropping by with a So, This Is How The Old Broad's Doing post at some point. Stop in!

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  1. I wish you the best today, even though I am posting this after your trip has begun. Talk to you when you venture back to the blog!