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Friday, November 22, 2019

Caturday Comes Early

I’m buried in work, (absolutely six feet under) AND have an early appointment with my cornea minder (who has her work cut out for her this morning as it’s NOT been a good week here in Eyeball City). SO here, have some lovely pics of our mini herd ‘o’ cat.

This is Skitter (of course) with all her adorbs stuffed animals (PLUS toy strawberry!). She almost always looks fierce but, it’s totes understandable here while she’s guarding her friends.

And here’s my sweet kitten, Princess Coco. I needed a better desk chair so I FINALLY moved The Amazing Bob’s chair downstairs (rather, Ten moved it). TAB was utterly thrilled the day I brought that home for him. Previously he’d been sitting in an old, broke kitchen chair. OF COURSE his back hurt!

Coco’s a happy girl that the chair’s been resurrected – no longer just a monument to my brill, hilarious, sweet, caring, handsome, gone-too-soon man.

AND we have Umlaut doing his recreation of Malevich’s Black on Black.

In ancient times cats were worsipped as gods; they've not forgotten this.
~ Terry Pratchett

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