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Friday, August 28, 2020

Welcome to the Wasteland

I’m really fucking tired and achey. Achey, however, is a BIG step up from post surgery pain – the stabby-and-dunno-if-I-can-survive-this shit. Just FY-fucking-I.

The constant reports of black men and women being murdered, maimed and incarcerated for shit on which white folks just skate by, has driven me to the edge of Enervation City.

I’m nauseated and exhausted by all the heinous lies, fear mongering and blatant crimes of the Trump Crime Cartel (which totally includes the Obstructionist in Chief  – Moscow Mitch). They are destroying America.

The fight ahead, health-wise and for justice and political sanity, is only gonna get more nasty. I NEED to build up my physical and emotional strength.

Nourishing/replenishing my already twisted and dark sense of humor will help. I will NOT engage with or argue with the cruel, dimbulbed, 45 supporting idiots who willfully disregard facts, the reality in front of their goddamned, obvs moronic, faces.

Nope. At this point I’m just gonna laugh at them and, possibly, feel a smidge of pity that they’ve saddled their lives with so much hate, incompetence and fear.

As for the folks on the left saying they won’t vote Biden/Harris because they’re not the epitome of pure perfection? Fuck y’all too. My actual, literal life is on the motherfucking line. If the regime of insanely greedheaded terror wins, I die. Why? I ain’t rich. I NEED Medicare and Social Security.

My life is more important than your precious feelings of purity, moral superiority and fantasies of a glorious revolution where the good guys triumph and this nation of 331,002,651, more or less, diverse humans magically join hands and go all kum ba yah.

Rant over. Here have some nice, weird sea creatures because, ya know what, they’re fucking fun, fascinating and they make me happy. Also too, my latest Medusa (at top, duh).

Happy is good! Dammit.


  1. I like this painting. It conveys angst. Are those bumblebees at the top? The green glasses are cool.

    1. That's exactly what I was going for – I'm happy to read I succeeded! Yes, those are bees.

      Thank you!

    2. Awesome artwork. And I agree 100% with your sentiments about the Progressives who won't vote for Biden/Harris. They obviously come from a place of privelige and don't give a fuck about anyone who will be affected most by another 4 years of Trump :-( I just hope they are a VERY (vocal and annoying) minority.

    3. Thank you Jenny!

      I *think* (AKA really fucking hope) folks have more empathy and sense this time around. Having said that idiots gotta idiot.