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Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Autumn is Coming

The sun doesn’t show his face until 6AM now and, in fact, on some mornings (*cough* TODAY!) he’s a complete no show. Nights are chilly again – I just put a blanket on the bed! Reaching the land of Nod no longer requires the AC/big box fan combo. Coco and Umlaut want more food – NOW woman! And Rocky, our chubby and beautiful raccoon is back.

Ahhhhhhh, autumn is my fave. OK, spring too but, right now, the relief of cooler temps is hard to beat.

Mid-term elections and a return to some semblance of sanity is now just 76 days away. That is, as long as Ginger Mussolini and his delusional, power-mad and fascist Republican Party don’t cancel it.

Know anyone who can’t get to the polls, who needs a ride and an arm to lean on? Volunteer to drive those who can't get there on their own. Be a useful, helpful, patriotic mensch! This goes triple, QUADRUPLE, for all you who live in Georgia where your theoretical government servants are attempting to close 77% of the locations where you can place your vote. Can you say disenfranchisement – sure ya can. Oh and let's not forget Kobach of Kansas's shenanigans or the other red state's bullshit neither.

Adorable yet obnoxious Rocky
My sweet Umlaut
Just FYI, if our votes didn’t matter the assholes in charge wouldn’t be working so damn hard to make it difficult and, in some places, near impossible. Get woke. Stay woke. Our votes matter.

The League of Women Voters has a helpful site up. Plug in your address and it’ll tell you where your voting station is. You can also verify your registration status.

And here’s something mega cool and what we need more of – chilled out, NOT on the take, skateboarding senate candidates.
After long days, O'Rourke said, "you need a little, like, moment. So this going to be our zen. Right here. This skateboard.”
Ted (who doesn’t want anyone to know that his first name is Rafael) Cruz – that slimy, nasty-as-hell-on-a-particularly-bad-day, reality twisting, fictionalizer is up in the polls by six points now. Please consider throwing a buck or three to his challenger, the skateboarding, smart, wise human who doesn’t accept PAC donations...unlike his opponent.

Also in the news is Ginni Thomas – the lying, fear mongering, rancid brained, radical right-wing blatherskite who also happens to be the wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. She's back at it – up to her old fecal tricks. Ms. Thomas, who never grew out of her high school mean-girl hyper-entitled phase , is now attacking kids.

She’s posted an insane, Alex Jones-sh meme about the survivors of the Parkland school massacre. Bless her shriveled, stone heart.

Why does Clarence still have a seat on the Supreme Court? Given his spouse’s very public flouting of reality and justice, he’s clearly anything but impartial. Also, why are people like her, Jones, Limbaugh, Bannon and Teddy allowed outta the asylum AND given a mic?

Oh right, Republicans have held the House and Senate for eons now AND their prezzie, Fascist Dictator Don is their man. Nevermind.

'scuse me, I'm gonna go sit on the seawall, drink some java, breathe in the brill sea air and chill now. Ya know, lower the old blood pressure and shit.

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