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Wednesday, November 7, 2018

The Morning After

They can only win by cheating, spreading disinformation, lying and otherwise grossly manipulating the public.

I didn’t get my Blue Tsunami BUT we did take the House. The tide is turning.
The party’s House majority will allow them to launch subpoena-powered investigations into the president’s finances, Russian interference, administration ethics scandals, and so much more — and to halt the conservative legislative agenda in its tracks. They could even demand Trump’s long-concealed tax returns. (source)
This IS huge. We now have the power to make Fat Dimwit Hitler’s life a Hellscape. Can we do the same for every single member of the Fascist/Republican Party? Please, oh please, OH PLEASE!!!

I am, of course, mega sad about Gillum in Florida, O’Rourke in Texas, Abrams in Georgia, Bryce in Wisconsin and Sinema in Arizona BUT Rosen won in Nevada! All five lost races were mondo tight. Possibly the supporters of the good guys can and will hold the winners feet to the fire – make DeSantis, Cruz, Kemp, Steil and McSally work motherfucking hard. Make sure they support ALL the people of their states, not just the rich, white, het men. I know, I know but I can hope. Ya know?

Coco casts a gimlet eye
I need to channel my fury, fear and disappointment into positive action.  The Fascist/Republican Party stacks the deck by gerrymandering the fuck outta each district and taking away the right to vote or just making it as difficult as humanly possible for folks who’d likely vote against them.

Gillum lost in Florida BUT ballot question 4, the Voting Rights Restoration for Felons Initiative PASSED. This is  an amendment to automatically restore the right to vote for people with prior felony convictions, except those convicted of murder or a felony sexual offense, upon completion of their sentences, including prison, parole, and probation.

Next time around, con artists and swindlers like Rick (Medicare Fraudster) Scott and Ron (Lying Sack of Shit) DeSantis will have one hell of a time pulling out the win.

Democratic candidates DID flip the governorship in six states:
Something that makes me veddy, VEDDY happy – Paul Ryan is NO LONGER the House Majority Leader nor will any other Fascist/Republican hold that spot! It's Nancy Pelosi Time

Here at home, in lovely and almost all Blue Massachusetts, Charlie (I'm a Republican but really a nice guy and I don't lie and cheat anywhere near as much as those other white, wealthy, power-mad guys) Baker won reelection. Sad but unsurprising.

Also unsurprising, Elizabeth Warren won her race. We Massholes may be dim enough to elect a  Republican (oh, but he's not like those bad Fascist/Republicans!) governor BUT we know a great senator when we see one.

The Morning After – Maureen McGovern


  1. Actually McConnell was the Senate majority leader, and still is. Perhaps you were thinking of Paul Ryan?

    Governors and other state-level wins are really important. Control of redistricting in those states after the 2020 census will finally enable us to undo all that gerrymandering.

    Look forward to January, when the subpoenas will flow like water.....

    1. DOH! I KNEW that. I guess I was just ultra eager to see the last of the cretinous rat bastard. Post's edited now.

      January's gonna be a happy month.

  2. I am happy about two things:

    1. Harris County (Houston, where I live) went solidly Democrat, which means that the county has officially flipped. Every sitting district court judge in Harris County went Democrat after decades of Republican rule; and
    2. There's a lot of fresh blood in the governorships across the country, meaning that the Democratic leadership and public face isn't going to be strictly a bunch of 75-year olds anymore. The next Democratic President could very well come from this incoming class.

    So that's good, at least.