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Monday, June 24, 2019

Ass Twits for God

I don’t trust the so called pro-life set. The ones who are grievously low in life experience and  empathy are bad and sad enough.

I only mention it but my mother considered herself to be pro-life (no clinic protesting for her though). We had a few hard discussions vis-à-vis reality – i.e., no one wants an abortion, no one treats it cavalierly (Gee, what’ll I do today? Get my nails done, have an abortion and then drinks with the girls) or uses it as a form of birth control. Sometimes it’s even medically necessary.

Fer instance, if I’d ever gotten up the spout it would’ve been me or the blastocyst. Nf2 and pregnancy don’t exactly get on famously. Both of us wouldn’t survive the bun-in-oven sitch so, given that I was here first, I would choose me. Mega happily, I never had to suffer through this wrenching but necessary choice.

CHOICE. Who am I to choose what another woman needs to do to survive? Dunno if I changed mia madre's mind (doubt it) but she stopped trying to condescendingly chastise me for my position.

And then there are these Jesus humping, tyrannical ass twits like:
A former pastor of a Southern Baptist church in north Harris County faces charges of molesting a teenage relative, sometimes multiple times a day, over the course of two years, court records show. (source)
A few things here:
  1. He resigned as pastor only AFTER it became clear that his rape OF A CHILD was gonna become a known deal. He couldn't get away with raping his neighbor's child anymore. I betcha that gave him a big frowny-face sad.
  2. The not so good pastor has seven, SEVEN children. Wonder how he plans to support his SEVEN responsibilities from prison.
  3. This is the very same man of god who was a HUGE supporter, an advocate even, of the law, proposed by that deranged human shaped pool of smelly diarrhea, the congress-horror Tony Tinderholt, that would make having an abortion a death penalty offense. Yup.
Anyone else notice the stunning bit of blazing hypocrisy in there? These pro-lifers are all hot and happy to kill women if they set foot out of the christianist dictum: Babes are merely sentient blow-up dolls and hosts for man's sperm. Also, they do laundry.

By the by, Rep. Tinderholt has been married five times. What? Did the first four get wise to your astronomically cruel idiocy or did they get tired of all your micro-dicked control freaking bullshit?

So, I wanna know where, WHERE are all these pro-lifers now when children are dying in 45s concentration camps? WHERE are all the pro-lifers when children are being turned away at school lunch counters? WHERE are all the pro-lifers when children are being raped by church pastors? Is the quality of a child's life unimportant?

Oh right. I forgot. To the ravening, control freaking, christianist types, children don’t matter, especially not brown, black and/or poor ones. WE don’t matter to these clueless, heartless, totalitarian tyrants for their god. This is about subjugation not life.

The wise and Amazing Bob felt that monotheism was shortsighted, unrealistic and just flat out boring. I couldn’t agree more.


  1. WHERE are all these pro-lifers now when children are dying in 45s concentration camps?

    The forced-birth fetish cult (I refuse to use the term "pro-life" in this context) has always been about controlling women. So has religion in general, really, and especially Abrahamic religion. They don't really believe a tiny clump of cells is a "person" (that's self-evidently absurd) or care about it. It's just the latest in a series of pretexts and tactics, going back millennia, for controlling and punishing women.

    1. Yup and I'm steaming here...must be a day with "day" in its name.

  2. Tinderholt was big in the anti-gay marriage thing, too. I thought it showed a lack of... self-knowledge. You kow, being able to see yourself as others might see you? Is there a word for that?

    Because if I were Tinderholt and someone came to me to be a spokesperson for one of these causes, I hope I'd say, "I'm with you, I'll vote with you, but... I've been married 5 times (the last time to a Dallas Cowboy cheerleader). My past does not allow me to be the face of morality. Sorry."

    1. Hah – yeah, not exactly a sterling spokesmodel but then the GOP doesn't exactly require constancy. "Just stick to the Hate Script, Boy, and you'll do fine!"

      Reality based self awarenes/self knowledge – NOT the right wing's strongest point.